The Tools Every Avid DIY'er Needs 
The Tools Every Avid DIY'er Needs Staff

As a nation we're obsessed with DIY. In fact, we'd rather carry out our own DIY than hire a professional – even when we're less than proficient. So, if you're gearing up for a summer of weekends spent working on your house, then here are the top tools you need.  


Do you even DIY if you don't have a drill and multiple drill bits? The essential tool for keen DIY'ers and professional tradespeople alike. The right drill can make lightwork of boring holes, loosening, and tightening screws, and they can even help chisel away at materials.  

Spirit level 

From hanging pictures to hanging cupboards, a spirit level should be your go-two before you use your drill to bore holes into walls, floors, and doors. If you're trying your hand at plumbing, a spirit level can help ensure the pipes have enough of gradient to allow liquids to flow either into or out of the property.  

Tape measure 

A golden rule of any DIY job is to measure twice, cut once – and for that you need a tape measure. Ideally, you should choose a metal retractable tape measure with both imperial and metric measurements.  


If you only buy one hammer, make it a claw hammer. You'll want to choose one with enough weight behind it that you won't have to put too much effort into swinging it. The claw side will help you remove nails and even pry off cupboards from walls.  

Paint brushes  

Spending over £2,626 per year on DIY, painting is one of the top DIY jobs we undertake. Whether you're giving your living room a fresh lick of paint with this seasons hottest colours (it's green by the way!), or you're upcycling an ugly sideboard you found in a charity shop, having a selection of paintbrushes will help ensure you get that finish you're looking for.  


If you're looking to get started with some MDF projects – or perhaps you want to transform your garden shed into a bone fide extra room, then a saw is a must. But be sure to use a saw with a sharp blade on an even surface. And if you're in an enclosed space, where goggles and even a mask to avoid inhaling sawdust.  

Top DIY jobs  

If you're planning a DIY project over the coming weeks, you're not alone. Some of the most popular DIY projects include reupholstering, painting doors and cabinets, and even building furniture like tables and chairs. 

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