Top Kitchen Design Ideas for Summer 2022
Top Kitchen Design Ideas for Summer 2022 Staff

With summer almost here, it is natural for our thoughts to turn to home improvements. The kitchen is a great space to upgrade, especially if it has been left untouched for several years and the design or layout is looking a little dated. Perhaps the worksurfaces are showing their age or the cupboards and storage areas are a little the worse for wear? Summer 2022 is a perfect time to revamp and restyle your kitchen and in this article, some of the best contemporary trends for kitchen designs are discussed. With some smart planning and touches of style in key areas, your kitchen can be transformed into a space that is welcoming and eye-catching for dinner guests and where the whole family can enjoy quality time together.

Granite Countertops

One key trend in kitchen design as we move further into 2022 is the installation of granite countertops. This material is both hard-wearing and stylish and can give an instant lift in quality and elegance to your finished design. It makes sense to find a superior quality granite supplier when choosing your granite countertop, ideally one with experience in manufacturing this material specifically for kitchen applications. Key colours this year are neutral tones such as grey and taupe, along with creamy shades that add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been growing in popularity since the eighties as they offered a perfect solution for family seating at mealtimes. There was no longer the need for a separate dining table which was of great benefit in smaller homes. Today, kitchen islands tend to be bigger than their older counterparts and have innovative storage solutions incorporated into their designs that save space effectively. Whilst they are still used in the main for seating or as a place to enjoy drinks with friends, some more forward-thinking designs are being used today. The kitchen island is becoming a popular choice for the location of key cooking appliances and food preparation areas. As home cooking has steadily increased in popularity, with ready meals being less relied upon in modern homes, there is an increasing need to transform this space to become the centre point for displaying culinary skills. Having a cooking-based food island has therefore become a top trend for foodies who love to entertain guests at dinner parties in 2022.

Clean Lines in Design

With the rise in space-saving storage solutions in the kitchen that are incorporated into preparation areas comes the trend of making the kitchen appear more minimalist. Clean sweeping designs that look clutter free and promote easy movement around the kitchen space dominate the top designs of 2022 and one key way to achieve this is to remove upper-level shelving and cupboards. With upper storage levels removed more natural light can come into the kitchen area, making it appear lighter and warmer. As such, all appliances, cupboards and work areas are perfectly aligned with each other giving a smooth and pleasant overall appearance that brings a degree of calm into this busy home space.

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