Turkey by Road: Explore the Most Scenic Road Trips to Embark On in Turkey
Turkey by Road: Explore the Most Scenic Road Trips to Embark On in Turkey
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Each year, Turkey witnesses tens of millions of visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country offers stunning natural views, historical sites, rapidly improving tourism infrastructure, and a long history of hospitality. Despite the past tumultuous situation with Syria, Turkey continues to lure tourists as one of the most fascinating and stunning locations on earth.

It’s said that any culture or country is best experienced by treading the road and mingling with the locals. The best way to do so is to take road trips around the place you’re visiting. This article will tell you about some of the most scenic road trips you can take in Turkey to learn about its culture and create memories.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Embarking on a Road Trip in Turkey

Before embarking on your road trip, remember that you will be mingling with locals during your road trip. It will help to learn some local phrases like asking directions, washroom, and weather in Turkish. This will save you from getting stuck during your road trip because of the language barrier.

Other important things include carrying an appropriate road map, enough food and water, and car charges, among others. Ensure that the car you pick for the trip has been serviced and doesn’t have any underlying issues that may create problems for you.

The Aegean Coastline

The Aegean Coastline is most certainly one of the most stunning road trips one can take in Turkey. It’s gorgeous in every season, but tourists can stop at many coves along the road during the summer months and take a swim in the pleasantly cold sea.

Take some time to stop along the way to explore small villages, historic ruins, and beaches along the length of the coastline. The best spot to start the Aegean Coastline road trip is from Izmir and drive south to visit Greek islands or travel north to visit towns like Ephesus, Fethiye, and more.

Canakkale to Bergama

A part of the Aegean Coastline, Canakkale to Bergama is also counted amongst the most scenic roads in Turkey. Canakkale is a Turkish city situated at the entrance of the Dardanelles Strait, which is located right across the Gallipoli battlefields.

To get to Bergama, you’ll have to drive through Kaz Mountain, known to be the most challenging mountain in Turkey. However, the scenic view along the route is worth the tiring road.

Make a stop at the ancient cities of Troy and Assos to explore the history and culture. The new Assos village along the Aegean waters is also lined by excellent restaurants, where you can stop for your meal breaks. Another noteworthy stop on this route is Ayvalik, famous for its ice cream and cruise boats.

Istanbul to Ephesus

Istanbul is the core of any Turkey trip, and after spending a few days in the modern metropolis, you can embark on a road trip to Ephesus. This particular route takes around seven hours. What makes it one of the best road trips in the country is the changing dynamics of the landscape from bustling urban to natural serenity.

The recommended stops along this route are Şirince, Selçuk, and Ephesus. These cities are known for their historical and archaeological sightseeing spots.

Antalya to Cappadocia

Cappadocia is considered one of the must-visit places in Turkey. The drive from Antalya to Cappadocia offers an unforgettable experience to visitors. You can see the landscape change from a dark blue beach to mysterious fairy chimneys along the road.

It’s also advised to take a road trip to Cappadocia because having a car in the city is quite essential. The city’s top tourist attractions like Kaymakli underground city, and Hot Air Ballooning, among others, are well outside the city.

Van to Kars

The road trip from Vans to Kars is probably the most significant because of the constant presence of Mount Ararat along the route. The Legendary mountain, which is said to be the home of Noah’s Arc, is situated 5,137 meters above sea level.

Make a stop at Dogubeyazit, which has a replica of the Topkapi Palace of Istanbul. Situated on a slope between Turkey and Iran, this palace offers a stunning view of the Dogubeyazit plains.

After reaching Kars, take a stroll around the town to admire the Russian architecture, which is still prominent here.

Antalya to Fethiye

The Antalya to Fethiye route is a must experience for anyone who admires beach and water. The road has a gorgeous turquoise-colored coast running along its entire length. Like Canakkale to Bergama, Antalya to Fethiye is also a part of the Aegean Coastline, and you can either choose to make this trip on its own or as part of the Aegean coast road trip.

The most recommended stop on this road trip is the Butterfly Valley. The valley is one of the most charming beaches in this area. It’s sandwiched between two mountains and has white sand with clear blue waters. If you are historically inclined, you can make a stop at Çıralı, where you can visit the ruins of Olympos, the Lycian town.

These are the most stunning and fulfilling road trips that one can embark on while in Turkey. Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with family, take up one of these trips to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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