Why Dogs Make the Best Pets
Why Dogs Make the Best Pets
Babyboomers.com Staff

Throughout history, we’ve always had a special connection with our four-legged friends. They’ve had plenty of time to solidify their reputation as man’s best friend, but do they really deserve it? We’re here to say, of course they do! It seems that many agree, seeing as dogs are one of the most popular animals to own with an estimated 13 million living in the UK.

While any species of pet is a blessing, there are more than a few reasons why dogs come out on top. From non-judgemental companionship to scientifically proven medical benefits, dogs are undoubtedly the best pets out there and here’s why:

They are great company

They’re always happy to see you and they never want to see you go - the companionship of a dog is like no other. Dogs have been by our side for over 15,000 years and their loyalty has no bounds. They never want to leave our sides and are willing to go to great lengths to keep us safe.

No matter what you’re doing, they’re the best company! Watching TV? Climb on the couch and have a cuddle. Going on a car ride? They’ll come along too! Whatever you’re doing, your pooch will always want to do it with you.

They alleviate stress and mental health issues

There’s nothing that makes the stress of a hard day at work fade away more than when your four-legged friend comes and greets you at the door. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that dogs do wonders for our mental health and stress levels.

They have many health benefits for those suffering from conditions like autism, ADHD, and depression among many others. Not to mention, they’re the perfect listeners for when you’ve been having a bad day.

They help us lead happier lives

From being the best exercise buddies to our very own therapists, our dogs help us lead longer and happier lives. For all the endless psychological and emotional benefits, it’d be nice to give your pup a little thank you. From toys to luxury dog beds, get your furry friend something to show how much you love them.

They keep us active

As much as they look after us, we’ve got to keep up with their needs too. Dogs need to be walked at least once a day to keep them healthy, but lucky for us, it does the same for us humans too! A study showed that UK adults who own a dog are four times more likely to get the recommended amount of weekly exercise than those who didn’t own a pooch.

The health benefits of walking are endless. It lowers your risk of obesity and obesity-related illnesses like high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes.

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