Why Should You Choose Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing As a Career?
Why Should You Choose Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing As a Career?
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As we age, our bodies tend to slow down; our bones weaken, we get exhausted fast, and, many times, we face difficulties in performing the simplest of tasks. When one gets to this point in life, one needs someone to lean on. It is then that such people can turn to Adult-Gerontology nurses for primary care specifically.

Overview of AGPCNP

There are two units of Adult Gerontological Nurse Practitioning; acute care and primary care. Nurse practitioners in primary care are those who focus on the physical well-being of adults ranging from usually mid-60s till the end of their days – Baby Boomers. At such an age, individuals tend to face health and mobility issues, so AG nurses help them out in their daily routines and oversee their medication routines in accordance with the physician’s guidelines.

Benefits of choosing the field of AGPCNP in your career

While deciding what field to choose for pursuance in your nursing career, you should always consider AGPCNP as it offers many advantages:

1. Increased Demand

The population of baby boomers who need Adult-Gerontology Primary Care nurses is rapidly growing. By 2030, over 37 million will have chronic pain conditions, while 25% will be diagnosed with diabetes. Research also shows that these citizens require twice the number of clinical visits as those younger than them, which leads us to realize that they need more attention towards health and daily care, for which AGPNCNPs are much sought after. It is a tough job with tiring, long shifts, but at the end of the day, your salary will be able to make up for the hard work.

2. A Wide-Ranged Experience

The field of Adult-Gerontology provides you with experience working in differing environments and practicing on patients of various age groups. Most people assume that Adult-Gerontology is limited to patients in their middle or late adulthood. In reality, such practitioners start their medical profession by seeing patients as young as 13.

Adult-Gerontology nurses work in various places, ranging from primary care clinics to rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, community centers, and school-based wellness centers. By working in such assorted environments, practitioners get a chance to interact with patients of diverse personalities. They learn how to handle and work with different people, which enhances their knowledge and exposure, readying them for the future.

3. Personal Growth

Spending time with people of diverse personalities may also groom your own. It can help you branch out, meet people from all around, see distinctive perspectives, think differently, and build kinship. Working with the elderly can get you the wisdom of the time, as they have lived out their lives and acquired as much experience as possible, which they will willingly pass down to whoever listens.

Assisting people with ever-changing moods can train your patience and convincing, and communication skills. These skills hone your persona and come in handy in future situations, be it professional or personal.


Nursing is a noble occupation, and if you have plans to enroll yourself in it, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing is a great option to consider, as it has many benefits, be it professional or personal. With a satisfactory salary and self-developing learning experience, AGPCNPs have the accessibility to learn, laugh, and tend to the ones with whom they've formed bonds with.


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