Why You Must Experience Acne Scar Treatment Once In Your Lifetime
Why You Must Experience Acne Scar Treatment Once In Your Lifetime
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Do you have trouble concealing your acne scars after your acne has healed? If so, you're not alone. It's discouraging to try everything and still not feel like you've had success.

However, it is possible that you are looking in the wrong spot. Several legitimate dermatology websites, such as sozoclinic.sg, can assist you in expanding your knowledge and background on the type of treatment your skin requires.

This guide will offer you a straightforward overview of some of the acne scar treatments that are now available for you to choose from. So make sure to read this article all the way through.

Solution To Your Problem

Perhaps you've given up on trying to get rid of old acne scars, but you should rethink it because several treatment options are now available.

Going to the proper dermatology clinic for your acne scar treatment is definitely one of the best decisions you can make for your acne scar treatment. Aside from receiving the appropriate treatment, it is also critical to receive the kind of customer service you deserve.

Fortunately, there are many clinics that provide some of the most fantastic therapies available and excellent customer care.

Let's highlight the incredible treatments that are accessible around the world. Here are some examples of therapies from which to choose:

Edge One Fractional CO2 Laser

If you have boxcar and rolling types of scars, this treatment is recommended for you. It is also beneficial if you have lumps and bumps because it rejuvenates your skin and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

The laser hits scarred tissue and existing collagen, but it also maintains sections of good tissue that can recover through new collagen synthesis. Compared to entirely ablative lasers, fractional laser treatment requires less recovery time and has fewer side effects while still providing excellent outcomes.

Results can be seen as early as one to two weeks following the laser operation, and the results will continue to improve as your body creates more collagen over the rest of your life. It is common to require a minimum of 3-5 treatments, depending on the type and degree of the scarring. Sessions are scheduled three to four weeks apart.

Here's a list of the things you need to do after your treatment:

  • For the first week, use a light cleanser to cleanse your face and neck. Exfoliative should not be used.

  • For the first three days, apply antibiotic cream.

  • After washing your face, apply a regenerative, moisturizing cream twice a day to aid in the quick healing of your skin.

  • Apply sunblock and stay out of the sun if possible to prevent skin discoloration.

  • Do not pick at scabs. Picking at scabs can cause the skin to become inflamed and infected.

Last but not least, the treatment is reasonably priced, with sessions starting at $450 each session.

Enerjet 2.0

Those who suffer from drooping skin and acne scars would benefit the most from this procedure. For it to work, high-mass hyaluronic acid (HA) particles are compressed and accelerated by a pneumatic force.

These HA particles enter the epidermis through a micro-sized opening in the skin's outermost layer. Following its entry into and distribution across the skin layers, the solution produces the subcision result, a break in the scar's fibrous bands that hold the scar in place and connect it to the surrounding tissue.

Fibroblast cells are responsible for the formation of new connective tissue and the production of new collagen during routine wound healing. In this procedure, a forceful jet injection blasts compound into the deeper layers of the skin, causing a profound volumetric micro-trauma impact and allowing the substance to distribute optimally.

This needle-free unique technique costs $800 per session. It simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a therapeutic substance while causing minimum epidermal damage, allowing skin regeneration of acne scars and stretch marks.

Lutronic Fractional PicoPlus

This treatment, which costs $450 per session, is advised for people with rolling or atrophic scars. It can also be used to treat moderate wrinkles, UV damages, and skin regeneration in all types of skin.

The fractional Picolaser exfoliation creates micro-cavities within the skin, which are then treated with laser energy.

Following the Pico Plus laser treatment, your skin will be slightly red; however, with the application of a unique soothing balm, this redness will subside within two to three hours.

It's a quick and uncomplicated operation that's easy to tolerate and requires little to no recovery time on the part of the patient.

360º Acne Scar Treatments

There has been articles that indicate there is a facility that provides 360° Acne Scar Treatments. This indicates that a mixture of three or more treatments will be employed to heal your acne scars, which sounds incredible, doesn't it?

Even though this approach is quite effective, it is not generally used or recommended. The reason for this is that it is time-consuming, as you will need to consult with your dermatologist for scar assessments, undergo treatment, and recuperate from the procedure.

Final Thoughts

Whatever treatment you pick, make sure you're confident that you are well informed about everything, from the costs to the procedure's benefits. Beauty is lovely, but knowledge is even more so.

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