Baby Boomer Detectives Rock!

Have you noticed that there are few, if any, Baby Boomer heroes in books, on tv or in movies? That void has now been remedied by Baby Boomer detective couple, Barb and Bernie Silver, a/k/a The Sleuthing Silvers ( If you imagine Nancy Drew married to one of the Hardy Boys 50 years later, then you will have a good picture of the Silvers.

What makes them different is that they investigate only cases, as their motto states, "Where age is an edge." For example, their first case was "The Mystery of the Missing Reading Glasses," an issue with which many Baby Boomers have struggled. In that case, they have to go undercover at a retirement facility, something which younger detectives could not do.

In the twelfth, and most recent, story in the series, "The Mystery of the Fatal Firing," they investigate age discrimination at a high-tech company in Silicon Valley that makes Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines (MRIs). At that company, they discover not only ageism, but also the stresses that older workers experience as they try to fit into a workplace populated by twenty- and thirty-somethings. Also related to age, Bernie's hip replacement plays a role in saving him from a metal projectile the villain places in the room that houses the MRI machine.

The Silvers have over 3600 followers on FaceBook, many of whom have written comments about them. The most common comments are "I love seeing people my age as the heroes," and "This should appear on the Hallmark Movies and Mystery Channel.

Regarding Hallmark, a pilot episode is now being prepared that will be submitted there. Hopefully, soon the Sleuthing Silvers will be on the silver screen.


Ron Katz was a trial lawyer for over 40 years before starting a new career as a mystery writer. A Rhodes Scholar, he is graduate of the Harvard Law School and was a Fellow at Stanford‘s Distinguished Careers Institute in 2016.


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