Baby Boomers Have Split Personalities – My Cats Timmy & Boots Can Prove It
By Steve Kelley, Author of Break The Curse – A Template for Change – 10 Steps to Restart Your Life

Millennials, along with Generations X, Y, and even the greatest generations of the World Wars have few things they can all agree on – but this might be it: Baby Boomers have split personalities. Whether it’s Covid 19, clothing, or politics, Baby Boomers are divided.

In the culture war of clothing, Boomers can’t figure out whether they should wear pocketed dungarees, or tight-legged, “I’m-young-look-at-me, soft-fabric jeans”.

Boots, who sports chic, yet spooky,
white-fur footwear, is all about tight, no-pocket jeans.
He insists that the young look is for the old. Hmmm?

On the other paw, Timmy (also spooky-eyed) was
born with working-class blood. Pockets for sure.

A watch – not a phone to tell the time.

Glasses, oh yeah, Boomers need glasses. Boots is all about style: nice colors, thin frames, progressives.

Timmy sports magnetic clip-on readers. He owns a second pair for hunting mice.

Boots and Timmy are further split when it comes to Covid-19.

Boots thinks it’s China’s fault.

 “Stop Blaming China!” Timmy shouts from his TV perch above the couch.

They argue often. Boots, a handsome, striped tan cat with white paws, perches on the third tier of our cat tree and lectures.

“Listen, you dumb bunny-chaser, the Chinese didn’t use proper safety protocols in their wet markets. That’s why our pets (duh, the dumb Humans) wear those foolish “copy-cat”—pun  intended —masks with beautiful cat whiskers on them.

“Dog-poo,” Timmy interjects. “That may or may not be true, but Humans should have been better prepared.

“Pets! They are worse than dogs. They bark instead of bite.”

Timmy has it figured out. He thinks the Sars and Ebola crises should have sounded a sufficient warning to prepare. “Pets— they take no responsibility.”

“Look,” Timmy continues his lecture to the scornful Boots, “when we have a litter, isn’t it our responsibility to make sure the kits are safe? If we don’t have enough litter, masks, or food, it’s on us. Remember the last outbreak when we let the mice take over manufacturing. REALLY? Our sworn enemies, and we off-shored our PPEs to them. Can we really blame the mice?”

Boots, usually a bit more reserved than Timmy, hisses, “The damn Chinese put our Humans in  this position. They even cornered the market on raw whiskers, bought up all the fabric and elastic for the cat masks. How were Humans supposed to combat that?”

Timmy, normally a pretty cool cat, swats in agitation at Boots, “You mouse-eating fool. Blame is misplaced aggression. What could Humans have done differently? That’s easy. They shouldn’t have out-sourced production of important medical equipment. Here’s my plan for our Pets:

From now on, 51% of everything Pets need should be made in America. Outsource 49% if they want, but if cheap overseas mice labor causes a price advantage for foreign competitors, then the Pet governments should levy tariffs to even the playing field.

Even dogs would know to do that.”

There is one thing Timmy and Boots do agree on: Break the Curse will put you IN THE KNOW!

Paw in and meow over for my next article about by-Catisan politics.

Steve Kelley is the Author of Break The Curse - A Template for Change – 10 Steps to Re-Start Your Life

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