Beer Drinkers Are on to Something

What will you order the next time you sit down at a bar? Wine, beer, or liquor? If you're a fan of all three, then recent research may sway your decision.

TIME recently published an article titled Why Beer Is the World’s Most Beloved Drink and there are some solid reasons ordering a "cold one" has become so popular and embedded in our culture.

Beer has been more of a communal brew than wine or liquor, from the early days of ancient civilizations. A site in southeastern Turkey, dated to over 10,000 years ago, showed evidence of beer brewing at feasting sites. With less alcohol per ounce, beer can be drunk more in moderation and according to a 2017 study, is associated with fewer symptoms of a bad night out, namely feeling less aggressive and less ill than liquor drinkers. Because it's not a "strong" as wine and liquor, you can consume more beers over a longer time-period.

There's also something about enjoying a "cold one" with friends while watching a football game. It seems like such an American thing to do. Beer is more popular among men than women probably because of the sporting industry. According to a study, 48% of fans drink at sporting events and when asked what beverage came to mind with the mention of certain sports, 75% associated it with football and 70% with baseball.

Beer conglomerates, like Anheuser-Busch, pump millions into the industry, helping maintain its popularity. You can't watch a football game without seeing a beer commercial, and everyone probably remembers certain iconic beer commercials that have aired during Super Bowls in the past. Check out the Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Beer Commercials ever and see how many you remember. Warning, it may make you want to drink a beer!

Now consumers have more of a choice than ever when it comes to beer, no longer having to settle for the same big-name brands. The craft-beer industry is booming, with brewery taprooms replacing bar trips. These breweries offer locally made beers and add value to communities. Interested in checking one out? There's definitely no shortage! This site shows you all the craft breweries near you. It also has some good information about craft breweries in general and some good articles about craft beers.

No matter what you choose to drink, you may want to do it with friends. Archaeologists have found repeatedly that ancient communities centered around alcohol, believing it helped form a cohesive community. That still holds true today. Having a regular "watering hole" can help improve social skills and maintain friendships, provide a sense of community and increase overall health and well-being. Many studies have shown direct correlations between social connections and better health. Learn about the benefits of drinking wine for men and women.

So, your weekly happy hour, if you don't over-indulge regularly, can be good for your mental and emotional health!

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