Benefits of Committing to Spring Cleaning
By Laura Leavitt, Guest Post Writer

No matter how hard we try to keep things nice and tidy during the winter, it’s easy for our homes to get stuffy, cluttered, or dusty over the winter. The cold weather makes it easier to keep windows and doors shut, and the arrival of warmer weather is a great opportunity to circulate air through the home, remove dust-gathering rugs or blankets and give them a thorough cleaning, and generally prepare the home for the spring and summer. It is also important to make sure that waste is properly disposed of and not left to accumulate in the home. With a local waste management service, this should be an easy task Here are just a few other valuable benefits of getting into your spring cleaning this year.

A Big Spring Cleaning Feels Like a Fresh Start

Many of us get into a rut of some kind in the winter, whether it is spending a little less time exercising and a little more time sleeping or anything else. Getting the house fully into order through a top-to-bottom cleaning is a great way to commit to other new goals and resolutions, especially things like seeing friends and family more often or drinking your coffee outside in the morning that are easier when it’s warmer out. As you get into the scrubbing and sweeping, let the mental space you create be devoted to thinking through what you want this Spring and Summer to look like, lifestyle-wise, and how you’ll put that into action.

Better Internal Air Quality Is Valuable for Staying Healthy

On a very practical level, it’s valuable to clear out all the dust and dirt that accumulated through the winter season and make sure that your home’s air quality is as good as possible. While some people have strong reasons not to throw wide the windows - allergies are real! - even just getting up as much dust and clutter as possible helps you to know where everything is, breathe easier, and evaluate other needs, such as parts of your home that really could use a repair.

A Chance to Clean Is Also a Time To Rotate Decor

The heavy quilts and thick rugs that are perfect for winter’s chill may not be the design elements you want in your Spring or Summer room designs. Even if you only rotate items in your home once or twice a year, a lighter set of throw blankets and bright accents in the kitchen and living room can really change the look of a home. When you’re cleaning, note anything that just ‘looks’ more wintery and you can find an appropriate substitute among your spring and summer decorations.

If You’re Selling Your Home, Spring Cleaning Starts the Process

Homes that have been recently cleaned are going to make a better first impression on potential buyers than those that haven’t been attended to recently. Hiring a professional cleaning service near your location such as UrbanMop that offer deep cleaning services can make all the difference in making your home highly desirable come open house. Allocating some extra cash towards cleaning will be well worth it in the end when you see offers roll in and experience a successful sale. If you know you want to sell during the busy summer months, now is the time to take your home to task, getting it into a beautiful state so that it can fetch top dollar in the market. The time you take will also benefit you during the hustle and bustle of preparing to move!


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