Canada is the Ultimate Country for Gamblers

Canada boasts a vibrant online gaming industry with about 19 million active gamblers. This is a massive number that has contributed to the ranking of the country at position eight. This huge gambling population has also generated a lot of revenue to boost the industry. You will find many operators in almost all Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. It is approximated that Canadian gamblers spend a whopping $4 billion annually in foreign-based casinos and $16 billion at home.

The Gambling Culture in Canada

The colossal figures spent on gambling define the inherent gambling culture in this country. It all began in the early years before European settlers came to Canada. Indigenous Canadians were already playing a gambling game called Slahal on the Pacific Northwest Coast. They were using bones and sticks as a form of exchange to reward winners. Other than mere gambling, the game connected the natives spiritually and socially.

Despite the low regard for the game by European settlers, local Canadians built on it as a foundation for the growth of gambling that has blossomed in the current age. Today, Canada has embraced gambling as part of its culture. Technological advances have made it even more popular, and a huge population now participates in the practice. Every gambler should visit Canada at least once in their lifetime to witness this integral culture that has united this nation.

Popular Casino Games in Canada

It is no secret that Canadians love gambling, so you can expect massive investments from casino operators. In fact, players do not have problems blowing their bank accounts to try and chase a fortune. The most popular casino games include slots, poker, and table games. Around 60% of all gamblers love these games, playing on online platforms through desktop and mobile devices. One interesting fact is that many women in Canada love gambling. Their favorite game is bingo, although they also prefer other luck-based games.

Initially, Canadians would travel to land-based casinos to play games, but that has changed over time. Currently, there is just a handful of brick-and-mortar casinos. On the other hand, massive online websites offer casino gambling services. Players have over 2100 online platforms to create accounts and wager on different casino games. Unlike other jurisdictions, Canada does not tax returns from gambling. This has necessitated some players to adopt this practice as a full-time job because you get your full winnings.

Legality of Online Gambling in Canada

Canada has legalized gambling, but each province has unique rules. Before you operate an online casino, you must obtain a license from the local authority. Only casinos that want to operate within a province will be allowed to operate without a license. Provinces that want to run casinos across borders must have mutual agreements regarding regulations.

Unfortunately, Canadian government  does not regulate offshore operators. The casinos are not regulated under the federal laws or the provincial government provisions. You can operate without a license and nobody will reprimand you for breaking the law. Canada advises its citizens to avoid foreign-based casinos because the government will not be responsible for players who incur losses or suffer risks after joining such casinos.


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