Celebrating a Second or Third Marriage with Panache

Younger generations often speak of finding “the one” or “their other half,” but if you have divorced or separated from your first spouse, and you are now in the process of getting married again, you have cause to celebrate! Research by The Marriage Foundation shows that almost half of all couples who marry will divorce during their lifetime. However, those who marry for the second time have only a 31% of getting divorced—meaning that as a whole, they are more successful! Why are subsequent marriages frequently happier than the first, and how can you ensure your wedding is given the importance it merits?

A Recipe for Success

The researchers behind The Marriage Foundation’s report have found that one of the reasons that second marriages are more successful, is that people are usually older than those doing so for the first time. This means that they are likely to not only be more mature but also more affluent, meaning that there is less financial stress to deal with. Moreover, factors that can influence a first marriage (such as education and prior cohabitation) are less relevant in subsequent marriages. So are social and family pressures. The report also showed that there was a gender gap in second marriages, with husbands in particular faring better the second time around—although this gap is getting smaller over the years.

Symbolism Still Matters

Statistics also show that couples continue to value romance and symbols such as diamond and gemstone engagement rings that highlight the beauty and light that love brings to one’s life. One study found that men spend an average of $1,400 more on engagement rings for their second life partner. Moreover, around 92% of them fork out for the entire ring, instead of splitting the costs with their beloved. Third spouses take note—men pay even more for third engagement rings—over $1,000 more than on a second spouse’s ring! There is a humorous side to these findings—a small percentage of men (17%) said they hadn’t actually intended to spend more. However, the expensive tastes of their partner caused them to part with their cash.

In Pursuit of Meaning

A second wedding usually costs around $14,000. This is slightly lower than the cost of a first wedding, not because couples do not prioritize their ceremony, but rather, because second weddings are typically smaller in size. When love comes the second or third time around, there is a sense of gratefulness—not only for one’s partner, but also for one’s true friends—those who have been around in good and tough times. Couples feel less pressured to hold the party everyone else expects of them, and are more likely to celebrate in a more meaningful, intimate way.

If you are planning a second, third, or fourth wedding, know that you have so many things to look forward to! Firstly, research indicates that love does actually tend to be lovelier the second time around. You can also look forward to shopping for (and/or wearing) a nicer ring. Finally, couples are celebrating second and third weddings with special ceremonies that tend to be filled with beauty and symbolism, as well as the company of family and true friends.


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