CoolSculpting® Works to Enhance Any Body Type

Coolsculpting is not a new type of aesthetic procedure but it is becoming more and more popular. The procedure itself is quite simple and entails the freezing of unwanted fat which is then removed. Fat that is frozen in essence dies and is therefore eliminated.

This treatment is termed cryolipolysis and is approved by the United States FDA for the removal of fat pockets in specific areas of the body. Although it is a well-known fat removal procedure that is non-surgical it is not recommended for the severely overweight.  The FDA only recommends CoolSculpting for certain areas of the body such as the chin, arms, flank, abdomen, and hips.

As individuals age, stubborn pockets of fat may develop

These fat cells do not respond to diet and exercise. Weight has nothing to do with this phenomenon as a person can be thin yet have these stubborn fat pockets. Each individual is born with a certain number of fat cells and of course, a different metabolism. Fat cells are hereditary so the only recourse to eliminating these types of fat deposits is through non-surgical methods.

Liposuction for years was the preferred method of removing the fat cells. Liposuction or “Lipo” as it is commonly called is a surgical procedure, however, that uses a tube and a vacuum to suck fat out of parts of the body. However, liposuction is a surgical procedure and can have more serious side effects and is, therefore, riskier than CoolSculpting® which is non-surgical. With liposuction, there is more risk of complications as invasive procedures always carry more risk and of course, more recovery and more downtime.

CoolSculpting® is entirely non-invasive

There is no downtime and very few side effects. A little redness and tenderness may occur for a few hours, but CoolSculpting® itself can allow individuals to return to their normal lives right after the procedure. There is no pain involved or any incisions of any type. Individuals generally either sit or lie down during the procedure and can read, text, or just relax and meditate. Sanitary conditions do exist but normal clothing is worn as the fat is frozen through a layer of clothing.

Several sessions might be required if there are many pockets of fat in different areas of the body and a consultation with an aesthetician or physician that practices fat freezing is advocated to ensure quality results. The fat pockets generally do not return however, others can develop as individuals age.

What can be expected during CoolSculpting®

While there is no actual pain, there are some minor physical discomforts such as pulling or tugging feelings, and there may be some cramping in certain areas of the body. Excessive cold is felt of course in the treated areas, as fat is being frozen but all these discomforts diminish quickly. In addition, the areas being treated eventually become totally numb due to the freezing effects of the procedure.

Afterward, there might be some minor redness or brief soreness but these are very mild after-effects and do not linger for long, in most cases perhaps a few hours. There is a noticeable difference in the areas treated immediately after a treatment as the bulges of fat deposits do disappear quickly. This is dependent upon how large the fat pockets are before treatment with CoolSculpting® as some individuals have tiny bulges and others have very large fat pockets. Again, heredity plays a part in the overall number of treatments and the results achieved.

Some individuals are not candidates

Of course, pregnant women, and certain diseases will rule out having a procedure. This must be discussed before a CoolSculpting® procedure. There also are individuals who will have an allergic reaction to the procedure and if this happens, the reaction usually clears up on its own but no other sessions will be recommended by a provider with integrity.

Medications will also be discussed during consultation before the procedure and any other previous procedures or medical problems should be disclosed as although CoolSculpting® is relatively safe, there are slight percentages of adverse reactions which were significant to require surgery.  A provider that is of a superior nature will explain all effects and of course expectations before any procedure.

The popularity continues to grow

According to the New York Times, in 2019 there were approximately 16 billion CoolSculpting® procedures performed in the United States alone. This does not take into account the number of procedures performed globally so obviously this is a very popular procedure. Each year the technology also progresses and the variations of machinery do add to the value for consumers. Quicker and faster procedures continue to erupt for fat freezing.

Overall individuals now globally are seeking to look more fit and toned and CoolSculpting® can accomplish that in a few sessions. Of course, the procedure is no substitute for proper diet and exercise, and keeping in shape is still of utmost importance.

How can CoolScuplting ® costs be determined?

The only way to determine costs is by having a consultation with an accredited practitioner. Since each individual and each area of the body is different an in-person consultation must occur. In some areas of the world, it is also more affordable than in other areas. An in-person consultation is also needed as some individuals who are overweight will be advised to lose some weight before having this procedure.

Results are better when individuals are at or close to their ideal weight. Specials do abound especially in the warmer weather so deals can be had via discounts, therefore, cutting back on costs.  CoolSculpting® is a cosmetic procedure so clients can adjust their needs and their budgets accordingly and have different areas treated at different times. As with all medical and cosmetic procedures, the more the technology advances, the greater the cost might rise, however, getting procedures done cost-effectively does take due diligence and research as well as good timing.


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