Customized Songs The Newest Trend in Gift Ideas

Finding a unique and thoughtful gift can be stressful. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or holiday or you’re gifting to a spouse, mother, or friend, there is a new trend in gift ideas that could possibly make for the best gift ever. Everyone has a favorite song, but what if you could gift your loved one his or her new favorite song? Well, now you can! Several companies now offer to create an original, customized song for your loved one for any occasion. It’s easy too; you visit a website, provide your details and place your order. Then you’re delivered your very own song in a matter of days.

Sounds interesting, right? If you’ve been married or together for many years, decades even, it can be tough to think of a creative gift that you haven’t already given. If you’re in a newer relationship, you may feel the pressure to deliver something unique. Gifts for important occasions like a retirement can be especially stressful and yearly holidays for family members like birthdays and Mother’s Day can leave you feeling less than excited. This new gift idea can take away the stress and bring back the excitement. So where can you find such a service? There are three companies we’ve identified as great options and we’ll quickly discuss them below, in no order of preference.

Songfinch offers to deliver “one-of-a-kind wow moments” to your loved one for just $199. This service retains a community of hundreds of artists that you can handpick for your custom song. Browse through and listen to the different artists available or let Songfinch find your perfect match. In just three easy steps – explain the occasion, provide some direction, and share your story – you can order your personalized song. Standard delivery is four to seven days, but rush service is available for a fee. Songfinch features pages for many different types of occasions for you to explore for inspiration and ideas.

Next up is Bring My Song To Life, a service that creates “wow” moments with custom songs for your loved ones “because memories come packed with a soundtrack.” The base package for a song starts at $189 which includes a 3 to 5 minute song that is fully customized and delivered in five to seven days. If you have a bigger budget, you can even hire a celebrity singer with only a slightly longer delivery time. Having delivered over 6,000 songs, this service offers a simple three step process where you share your story and approve the lyrics before the music is composed.

Finally, Songlorious offers custom songs starting at $99. Seen on the television show Shark Tank, Songlorious has delivered over 10,500 songs and employs over 150 professional musicians who are ready to deliver your personal song to a loved one so you can “Playback Memories.” With this service, you can pick your genre, artist, and choose the length of your song. They offer a standard delivery in 6 days, but if you’re in a bind, you can pay a bit more for a rush delivery. Their website features a page to learn about the different musicians you can hire, along with sample songs.

Check out these sites and keep them in mind next time you need a thoughtful, unique, fun or creative gift for a loved one in your life. Not only will you take advantage of this cool new trend in gift ideas, but you’ll end up giving a gift that will be cherished forever.


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