Diverse Accommodation Options in Melbourne: A Guide for Citizens, Tourists, and Students

Melbourne, regarded as Australia's cultural capital, attracts many folks, including citizens, tourists, and students. Whether a resident, a traveller exploring the city's attractions, or a student pursuing education in Melbourne's renowned institutions and universities, finding a suitable stay is crucial. Fortunately, the city offers diverse accommodation options to cater to the different preferences of its residents, tourists, and students. In this column, you'll explore these diverse accommodation choices, which will help you navigate towards a comfortable stay in this vibrant city.

Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Melbourne boasts multiple hotels and serviced apartments for tourists looking for luxury and convenience. You'll find several options to suit your preferences and budget, from upscale establishments in the central business district to boutique accommodations in trendy neighbourhoods such as Fitzroy and St. Kilda. Serviced apartments offer added amenities such as kitchen facilities and spacious living areas, providing a home away from home for more extended stays.

Student Accommodation

Melbourne's reputation as an educational hub attracts many international and domestic students. From on-campus university residences offering a sense of community and convenience to off-campus shared housing options for those seeking affordability and independence, Melbourne provides a wide range of choices. These accommodations often include amenities and support services to ensure a comfortable and productive student experience in this vibrant Australian city. Several renowned student housing sites, for example, https://iglu.com.au/, provide accommodations based on different folks’ different requirements.

Consider university accommodation if you're visiting the city to pursue your studies. Many institutions offer on-campus housing, which provides a convenient and community-oriented living experience. These accommodations often include various amenities and support services tailored to students' needs.

Hostels and Backpacker Lodges

Melbourne is a popular destination for budget-conscious travellers, and its hostels and backpacker lodges cater to this crowd perfectly. Located in various city zones, these accommodations provide affordable yet comfortable features for tourists exploring Melbourne's attractions without breaking the bank. These buildings often feature communal areas, shared kitchens, and social activities, making it easy to connect with fellow travellers.

Homestays and Airbnb

For a more personalised and local experience, consider homestays or Airbnb rentals. Melbourne residents often open their homes to travellers, providing a magnificent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. Whether you stay with a host family or rent a private apartment, these options offer a taste of Melbourne living that's hard to replicate in traditional accommodations.

Shared Houses and Apartments

Both citizens and students often opt for shared houses and apartments in Melbourne. This accommodation style allows individuals to split the cost of rent and utilities, making it an economical choice. Shared houses are popular among students, while citizens may choose this option to live in sought-after neighbourhoods without the full financial burden. Websites and apps dedicated to shared housing listings make it easy to find suitable options.

Suburban Retreats

If you prefer a quieter and more suburban atmosphere, Melbourne's outskirts offer a range of charming accommodations. You can find bed and breakfasts, cosy cottages, and countryside retreats just a short drive from the city centre. These options provide a peaceful escape while still allowing easy access to Melbourne's attractions.


Melbourne's diverse accommodation options cater to its citizens', tourists', and students' needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking luxury in the city's heart, an affordable backpacker lodge, a homely Airbnb experience, university accommodation, a shared living arrangement, or a peaceful suburban retreat, Melbourne has it all. By understanding the wide range of choices available, you can make a reasonable decision that suits your specific requirements and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this cosmopolitan city.

No matter your purpose for visiting Melbourne, whether it's to explore its vibrant arts scene, embark on an educational journey, or enjoy a holiday in a diverse and culturally rich city, you can rest assured that the city's accommodation offerings will provide you with a comfortable and welcoming place to call home during your stay.


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