Essential Television Accessories for Older Viewers: Enhancing Comfort and Accessibility

In the 1950s, the decade when most baby boomers were born, the introduction of affordable television sets caused televisions to quickly become mainstream in households. Because they were no longer a luxury item, televisions became a common household appliance, one that many baby boomers used daily throughout their childhood. Even with the birth and adoption of the computer and cell phone years later as a form of entertainment, the television remains a staple source of entertainment and information for people of all ages.

For older adults, however, enjoying television programming can sometimes present challenges related to accessibility and comfort. Fortunately, a range of television accessories is available to address these concerns, making the viewing experience more enjoyable and convenient. In this article, we explore some of the essential television accessories that can greatly benefit older adults, enhancing both accessibility and comfort.

  1. TV Remote Control with Large Buttons: Traditional TV remotes often have small buttons that can be challenging for older adults to navigate, particularly those with dexterity issues or age-related vision impairments. A TV remote control with large, easy-to-read buttons can significantly improve accessibility. These remotes typically feature oversized buttons with high-contrast labeling, making it easier for older adults to change channels, adjust volume, and navigate menus without frustration.
  2. TV Stands and Brackets: Optimal viewing angles are essential for a comfortable television viewing experience. Television stands that swivel are an easy solution. Most people now own flat screen televisions that can be mounted on walls. A motorised TV bracket allows older adults to adjust the position of their television easily with an app or remote, ensuring that it is positioned at the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room. This feature is particularly beneficial for older adults who may have mobility issues or spend extended periods watching television, as it reduces the strain on their neck and eyes.
  3. Wireless Headphones: Age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, is a common condition affecting older adults. In fact, one in three Americans struggle with it. Even the slightest amount of hearing loss can make it challenging to hear television audio clearly, especially when there is background noise or competing sounds. Wireless headphones are an excellent solution as they allow users to adjust the volume to their preference without disturbing others. These headphones provide clear audio directly to the ears, enhancing the viewing experience for older adults who struggle with hearing impairments.
  4. Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad: Smart TVs and streaming devices offer a wide range of entertainment options, including streaming services, internet browsing, and gaming. However, navigating through menus and typing using a traditional remote control can be cumbersome, especially for older adults with limited dexterity. A wireless keyboard and trackpad combination provide a more user-friendly interface, allowing older adults to effortlessly search for their favorite shows, browse the internet, and interact with apps on their television screen.
  5. Closed Captioning Device: For older adults with hearing impairments or those who prefer to watch television with the sound muted, a closed captioning device can be invaluable. These devices display subtitles on the screen in real-time, providing a written representation of dialogue and sound effects. Closed captioning enhances accessibility for older adults by ensuring that they can follow along with the storyline, even if they cannot hear the audio clearly.

Television accessories can play a crucial role in enhancing the viewing experience for older adults, addressing common challenges related to accessibility and comfort. From wireless headphones and TV remotes with large buttons to swivel mounts and closed captioning devices, these accessories empower older viewers to enjoy their favorite programs with ease. By investing in these essential accessories, older adults can continue to engage with television content comfortably and independently, enriching their entertainment experience.


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