Get Anxiety Relief Through These 6 Pressure Points

Anxiety affects all of us from time to time. Some of us experience it often and knowing how to help combat it is very useful. What works for one person may not work for another person, so trying out different methods of relief is helpful. Some people may try meditation, massage, or medication. Others may buy cbd oil. One method that you've probably heard of but may not have tried yet is pressure point relief. This is the simple act of knowing and locating certain pressure points on your body that, when stimulated, can help with temporary anxiety relief. Many people know this practice as acupressure, the traditional Chinese medicine.

Below are six pressure points to try. If you're a visual person, be sure to read the article from Healthline to see images of each pressure point.

1. Heavenly gate point - located in the upper shell of your ear, at the tip of the hollow area. Apply gentle, firm pressure in a circular motion for a couple minutes. Stimulate for relief of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

2. Hall of impression point - lies between your eyebrows.  Apply firm, gentle pressure in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes. Stimulate this point for anxiety and stress relief.

3. Union valley point - lies in the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger. Massage the pressure point for four to five seconds, taking slow, deep breaths. Stimulate for relief of stress, headaches, and neck pain.

4. Inner frontier gate - located about three finger widths below your wrist.  Turn your palm face up and massage in the hollow of the tendons for four to five seconds. Stimulating this point to reduce anxiety, nausea and pain.

5. Shoulder well point - located in your shoulder muscle. Pinch your muscle with your middle finger and thumb and apply pressure and massage for four to five seconds. Seeing the visual may help you locate this point easier. Stimulate for relief of stress, headaches and muscle tension.

6. Great surge point - this is on your foot, about two or three finger widths below where your big toe and second toe meet. It lies in the hollow above the bone. Massage for four to five seconds. Stimulate this point to help reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia.

There has only been limited research done on anxiety relief through pressure point stimulation, but the research that has been done has shown no negative effects. If you're looking for a new approach, it shouldn't hurt to try. Be aware that this approach is for temporary relief, not long-term relief.

Magnetic energy therapy can also be used with acupressure. Under the belief that our biological processes our influenced by magnetic fields, you can try using healthy magnets on certain acupressure points to influence the flow of energy in your body.

For long-term relief, you'll want to consult a doctor and go over different options. This may include a medication, or if you'd like to treat your anxiety without drugs, you can explore natural remedies.


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