How To Get Deer To Come Out During The Day


Two hunters may have different opinions as to when it is best to hunt their games due to their past experiences. They will both have their varying opinions while stating the advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, all that matters is how effective you can be during hunting to get more games. Hence, this article focuses on how to get deer to come out if you are hunting during the day.

How to make deer come out?

As a hunter, you may have to make deliberate efforts to make deer come out. They are animals who deliberately avoid the day. Doing any of the following will help your daytime hunting in the woods.

1. Be around water sources

Deer need water not only to quench their thirst but to live. It does not matter if it is in the day, once a deer needs water, it will resolve to the nearest water body to drink. Hence, you can be on the lookout for streams, creeks, rivers, and ponds on your hunting site. You can take it a step further by building a pond in strategic areas.

What’s next?

  • Identify water bodies frequently visited by deer
  • You can place a tree stand around such areas
  • Deer will always be there to drink water even during the day

2. Hunt around high browse locations or food plots

Just as water can be, food is important to deer. A deer would have to eat during the day and a good hunter should take advantage of this. Hence, you can hunt in places that are high-browse locations for the deer.

You can take things a step further by planting food plots. It is true that deer feeds more at night but a food plot will attract them during the day.

3. Use deer attractants

The use of deer attractant remains undefeated when you want to attract a deer. There are different options hunters use like corn, molasses, apples, peanut butter, sweet feeds, or other deer attractants. Using this will create a feed pattern for the deer such that they will always come out to eat at such hours.

Also, offering them bait will determine how much meat from a deer one would get. That means your bait is an investment.

4. Employ vocalizations

Just like some animals, there is the social interaction among deer. There are means of communication that can call out a deer. For example, many hunters have resolved to grunt call like a whitetail buck to attract deer right from time. Also, you can make a bleat call like a whitetail doe.


Hunting deer during the day can be productive if one follows basic hunting rules like hunting around their bedding sites, checking out for secluded places, taking advantage of weather conditions, and even the use of scents.

Just get your hunting gun and accessories like the best gun safe under 600 available to always be alert to shoot whenever a deer is within your hunting site.


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