How to Help Your Child Find the Right Job

Understanding the obstacles your child faces when it comes to the job market allows you to help them overcome the challenges. If you want to improve your child’s chances of success, following a few tips will help them get there.

Encourage Them to Get the Right Education

Depending on the area your child wants to work in, they may or may not need to go to college. Still, when your child gets their degree, they may stand out more from other applicants. If your child is interested in pursuing higher education, you might consider helping them get there by cosigning on a student loan with them. When your child has a cosigner, they may pay less interest over the loan’s life. Are you wondering do you need a cosigner for student loans? You can review a guide that explains everything you need to know about cosigning on a student loan.

Help Your Child with Their Resume

Resumes should be readable and concise. Go over your child’s resume and cover letter with them to make sure it follows resume best practices for both these documents. The resume should be tailored to the application and match the skills in the original job post. Many times, applicant portals automatically scan resumes for skills or experiences matching the job, so including these in the resume can keep it higher in the system. Sometimes, resumes that don’t match the posting at all are automatically dismissed and never make it to the hiring manager.

If the job focuses on certain characteristics or experiences, try to put them in the cover letter and resume. Many applicants use a generic cover letter or resume, so tailoring it to the job can help your child stand out when the hiring manager reads it. Make sure the resume is readable and simple, and ensure the format can be scanned quickly. It's best to avoid multiple pages, so have your child include only their best experiences. An internship may be more relevant than a summer job at a fast-food restaurant from when your child was in high school.

Help Them Expand Their Network

The people your child knows can be an important factor in the opportunities that come their way. Some of the best opportunities are not posted on job boards, so consider introducing your child to people in your network to allow them to meet more individuals. Social media is a great way to connect with others, and it allows your child to maintain those connections. Help your child find networking events or job fairs to attend. These can help them meet new people and learn about different opportunities. Encourage them to connect with others in their industry to ask meaningful questions. Down the road if they ever wish to make a career change this same network will be a valuable resource as well.

Encourage Following Up with Employers

When a candidate is interviewed for a job, it is a good idea for them to follow up after the interview. After making the first impression, your child should do their best to stay memorable during the hiring process. It might be intimidating for young people to reconnect with the hiring manager, but sometimes, it is expected as part of the interviewing process. And when they follow up, they are more likely to make a positive impression.



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