How to Keep Your Yard Pest Free This Summer

It’s summertime, and that means barbeques, pool parties, and trips to the beach. However, it also means an invasion of bugs! Mosquitoes, ants, flies, and other creepy crawlies can really put a damper on your summer fun, and that’s why in this article, we’ll be giving you some tips to help you keep your yard and patio pest free this summer.

Just say no to stagnant water

Most people know that mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. However, you’d be surprised at just how little water these little vermin really need! Even a few tablespoons are enough for them to lay eggs in and begin building up their population in your yard. Check buckets, trash bins, flower pots, and anything else that could be holding larvae and get rid of it pronto!

Get creative with plants bugs hate

Did you know that there are plants that naturally repel bugs? Citronella is one of the most common for repelling mosquitoes, but there are other great choices too. Plants like mint, marigolds, chrysanthemums, and lemongrass can help to repel not just mosquitoes but also ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, and even lice from your yard!

Adding some of these to your landscaping design can help to repel bothersome insects without the use of chemicals, and help you to maintain an organic vegetable garden that’ll be the envy of all your neighbors.

Use traps to keep biting bugs away from guests

If you live near ponds, lakes, or other natural bodies of water, then mosquito control can be tough. However, you do have some options. If you can’t get rid of the water, then a clever distraction can help you to avoid getting bitten. A mosquito trap could be a great solution, especially if you live in an area with out of control mosquito populations, or on a rural property where the county or city does not spray.

These traps mimic how mosquitoes see humans and lure them to their demise, leaving you and your guests bite-free during your summer barbeques. What’s even better is that no poisons are used, and a mosquito trap is a great, all-natural way to thin mosquito populations on your property, or even whilst traveling in your RV.

Keep your yard neat and well-maintained

Many bugs thrive in overgrowth and shade. Keeping your trees trimmed and taking care of your lawn goes a long way in keeping them at bay. Likewise, leaving things around the yard for them to hide and build nests under makes your home more inviting to spiders, roaches, ants, and other pests.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend

Sick and tired of creepy crawlies coming around your house? Inviting the predators of those insects to live in your yard instead could be the solution. By installing bird or bat houses in your trees, you could notice a significant reduction in problem insects. A single bat can gobble up 6,000 to 8,000 mosquito-sized flying insects per night! Many bird species will also make short work of ants, aphids, flies, mosquitoes, and even termites.



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