How to Take Care of Your Car During the Inactive Period

Preventive measures will not interfere with your iron horse. Let's talk about how to take care of the car during quarantine, prolonged vacation, or remote work, when there are very few or almost no driving trips.

Don't waste your time sitting at home. Take care of the car, namely: learn how to take care of the car during the absence of the usual activity.

Especially if it's not Lanos, but one of the luxury cars because the more expensive the car, the more expensive it can be for car repair in case of some serious problems. In addition, not everywhere you can find a service center for supercars, where you can carry out, for example, car scanning and diagnostics or car body repair, being sure that the qualifications of specialists in car workshop will meet your expectations.

Let's talk about what you should pay attention to in the first place and what you should not forget.


To begin with, it is worth doing a general cleaning of the car. Dry the trunk, and shake all the rugs, and seat covers. Even old stains can be eliminated - choose an arsenal of cleaning-washing-washing products to your taste.

Then carefully vacuum the interior and all coatings, and disinfect all hard surfaces just in case. If you prefer to entrust the car into the hands of professional car washers - order dry cleaning of the interior and the rest of the "spa complex" of procedures for the car (in the case of working service stations and car washes).

It will not hurt to wash the engine and the engine compartment, tie up the wires and strengthen the connections.

During the inactive period, consider maintaining your car's exterior with a high-quality polish like the ones recommended by JennyChem, which can help protect the paint and keep it looking its best.


Since the seasons are changing now, it's time to think about the wheels and the transition to winter tires. Check the protectors for stuck stones and debris, punctures, and cuts. If a set of winter tires is stored on its own wheels, it is worth checking them for corrosion and damage.

Again, if a workshop is open, it is important to check wheel balance as well as tire pressure.

Minor problems

For an older car, it is important to maintain comfort - check the sound insulation, backlight bulbs, and interior details for wear.

It is also worth paying attention to parts made of rubber or similar materials - they tend to dry out with long downtime. Pay special attention to the timing belt - the degree of wear and the possible need for replacement.


Of course, such a clean and washed car should not be driven into a dirty garage, so put things in order there too: throw out the worn-out one, check the stocks of auto chemicals and care products, and spare parts.

Carefully pack replacement winter tires in covers and set them aside until the cold season.

Quarantine mode

If you still rarely go to work or somewhere else (or maybe even sitting at home on self-isolation or due to remote work), check the oil and fuel levels. The best thing to do is to fill the tank almost full and leave the car in the garage. Oil is a consumable item that should be monitored constantly.

Well, do not forget to "walk" the iron horse - at least once a week, try to go by car. The fact is that onboard computers, especially on new cars, constantly monitor the condition of the car, even if it just stands in the garage, which can drain the battery. To avoid this, just ride for a short time - so that the battery is charged.


In general, these are quite ordinary recommendations for motorists in the off-season, nothing special. But don't try too hard, because there is a risk of spending more than you expected, and the end of your period of calm in terms of travel may not be soon.


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