Lawn and Gardening Tips for New Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner, although very interesting, can sometimes be quite intimidating. This is particularly true if you’ve become a first-time homeowner. Despite the fact that you’ve managed to accomplish such a huge thing, things can get quite confusing very fast. 

One of the things new homeowners seem to struggle with the most is the lawn and garden upkeep. Chances are that if you’re a new homeowner, you never really needed to learn how to take care of a yard. “How often do they need to be watered”, “what types of plants should you have in your garden” and so many other questions will now need to be answered. So, with that in mind, here are some useful tips on how to care for your yard properly. 

Determine the vibe

The first thing you’ll need to decide is the vibe you want to go within your yard. There are so many styles and designs you can choose from. From neatly maintained to seemingly fully-natural vibe, all of the styles have something unique to offer. So, before you get down to preparing your yard for planting, make sure you know the vibe you wish to create.

Decide on the look

Furthermore, the look of both your lawn and your garden also need to be decided on upfront. Here, you should be more focused on deciding whether or not you want to lay down some pavers, create pathways and implement certain constructions like installing some stone statues for the garden. For instance, by creating intricate natural stone pathways in your garden, you can seemingly section it off into smaller units that together create a cohesive whole. 

Choose plants carefully

Once you know what you want to create in your garden and how you want your lawn to look like, it’s time to start choosing and planting greenery. First off, make sure you aerate the ground you want to cover with grass so that once you plant the grass the seed has enough oxygen to develop properly. Moreover, consider planting various succulents as these are easy to maintain yet they look gorgeous. For maximum effect, you should learn how to propagate succulents and allow your garden to develop further. 

Get a good lawnmower

Of course, no matter the style you’ve opted for, you should certainly invest in a good lawnmower. A lawn that’s not properly mown can look quite unappealing and out of control. So, to prevent your lawn from looking like a wild grass formation and to bring your curb appeal to a new level, make sure you have a sturdy mower by your side. 

Know when to mow

While on the subject of mowing, it’s not enough to simply run your mower every once in a while. Instead, you need to know when exactly you should cut your grass. When mowing, about a third of a grass blade is all you should be cutting off. If you cut off more than a third, you run the risk of damaging your grass beyond repair. But, if your grass got a bit out of control, you should – of course – cut a bit more. What you can do in such a scenario is set your mower to the highest possible cutting setting and give it a whirl. After you’ve cut your grass, reset the mower to its previous setting and cut your lawn once more after a few days have passed. 

Take care of weeds

No matter how well you take care of your lawn and garden and no matter how careful you are with what you plant, the fact is that you’ll soon find yourself battling with weeds. These pesky plants always find a way to show up unannounced and make a mess out of your otherwise well-maintained greenery. While there are lots of chemical solutions on the market that can help you tackle weeds, they’re not the ideal choice for the environment. That’s why you should research different ways you can get rid of weeds in your garden without hurting our planet.

Keep these tips in mind if you’ve just become an owner of a property that comes with a lawn and a garden. While it may all seem a bit intimidating in the beginning, chances are you will get the hang of things quite fast. 


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