Manual Clay Pigeon Thrower vs Electric Clay Pigeon Thrower

Clay Pigeon Thrower

Clay pigeon shooting is a shooting game in which firearms are used to shoot at specific flying targets. The flying targets are also known as clay pigeons, and clay pigeon shooting is also called clay target shooting. Instead of live pigeons, clay targets are used. There are various forms of clay pigeon shooting. However, most can be grouped under skeet, trap, and sport. In trap shooting, targets are launched from a machine or house away from the shooter. In skeet shooting, targets from two houses are launched sideways that intersect in front of the shooter. Sporting clay has many launch points, including a more complex course.

Manual Clay Pigeon Thrower

If you want to have a light trap, the non-electric trap has a lot to offer. Tons of lightweight manual skeet throwers are available out there. Most manual clay pigeon throwers have a unique foot pedal launching mechanism that guarantees easy launching of targets without inhibiting your ability to shoot. You can launch targets and shoot at them simultaneously with a manual thrower, which is pretty amazing. It is a great choice for those looking for a quality trap, easy to use importable. The manual target thrower has two interchangeable arms for the right and left hands. Made with durable steel, it includes various sizes for different ages. A manual clay pigeon thrower is a great tool to improve your target addressing. Manual throwers are easy to use and portable and can throw pigeons of 60 yards. The balanced design of the manual trap allows all regulated clay targets to reach challenging distances and can be used by beginners and experts.


  • Easier to launch targets
  • Improves target addressing
  • Delivers clay targets to reach challenging distance
  • Durable

Here are some of the best manual pigeon throwers:

  1. Champion Range and Target
  2. Trius One Step Trap

Electric Clay Pigeon Thrower

An automatic clay pigeon thrower is a must-have accessory for your dual outdoors automatic trap. A motorized rambler automatically put targets in random positions. It is easy to handle, works efficiently, and can launch single and double targets—cushion pad to prevent clay breakages. With an automatic clay pigeon thrower, a shooter can automatically have every type of target presentation. It strikes various levels of left, up and down to proper. It includes a powerful battery to perform all the tasks with powerful velocity. Plus, easy to change directions helps to set up the presentation angle you need. It includes programmable delay and can trigger reap from a challenging distance. Having a lightweight and compact body, it also includes a magazine that stacks the clays. You can easily assemble operations and adjustments of the electric thrower. Some automatic pigeon thrower has an automatic skeet thrower that is easy to handle and works efficiently as a thrower in the shooting club.


  • Can launch single and double targets simultaneously
  • Powerful battery to perform tasks with powerful velocity
  • Electric thrower throwing ranges are adjustable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Durable and has a cushion pad to prevent clay breakages

Here are some of the best electric pigeon throwers:

  1. Champion wheelybird 2.0 electric clay pigeon thrower
  2. Do-All Outdoors Raven Electric Clay Pigeon Thrower


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