Navigating Through Entertainment: The Best Platforms and Online Services for Movies, Games, and More

So, you have scrolled through your social media, checked your email and messages, called your mom, and scrolled through the recommended section on all your social media again. (Yes, we know that TikTok is endless but that’s not the point now).

What else can one do online for some entertainment, anyway?

Social media are fun and nice for connection but they are not really that entertaining unless your feed is set the right way. Yes, you can train your social media algorithms to give you the content you want, we can talk about it in a different post. However, this process takes time, around a month or so. And many social media sites still have limited entertainment opportunities.

Therefore, in this post we look into other options, and list the best platforms for watching movies and series, playing games, and watching gaming streams! Check it out for more fun online (and some very affordable fun!).

Streaming Platforms

Who doesn’t like a good movie? Or better a new series with a dozen seasons? We all love those things and luckily, you don’t have to rely on your TV anymore when watching your favorite series.

(By the way, who is old enough here to remember how you watch series on TV according to the schedule, are afraid to miss an episode, and get angry when the ads are shown too often? Raise your hand.)

Now, speaking of the global giants that have their local variations, the best movie and series streaming platforms as of today are:

  • Netflix;
  • Amazon Prime Video;
  • Disney Plus;
  • Hulu;
  • AppleTV;
  • HBO.

If you want some local content, like movies made in your country, you probably already know where to go.

As for those platforms listed, you can enjoy a free trial at first, and then choose the type of subscription you want. Most services have more than one option and you can change it anytime. Enjoy!

All Kinds of Games

Playing a game can be even better than watching a movie because it is so interactive and also, you actually influence the story and the outcomes! All kinds of online games and video games have been a thing for quite a while now, so if you are into some gaming fun, check out where to look for it.

Now the fastest and the easiest way to gaming happiness is casual mobile games. There are plenty and to be honest, there is no one “best” app. Some are better, some are worse, it all depends on what you like and what you are looking for. An overwhelming majority of mobile gaming apps are free, or at least they all have free trial periods, so just install them one by one and give each a try.

(Kindly remind you to check the privacy policies, data collection and sharing policies, and all the rest boring stuff no one ever reads on the gaming apps despite the fact we all should.)

Another type of mobile app for gaming are online casino apps. These are fewer than casual mobile games because fewer casino sites have their official applications. If you are more into slots or table games online maybe you should better check out $3 deposit casinos by opening them in the browser for more options.

Now the beauty of online casino games today, either on mobile apps or on sites, is that you can also play them for free just for fun. Yes, you read that right. Online casinos today allow playing games in demo mode for fun, with unlimited access. You don’t win anything that way but you play as much as you wish. If you want to have a chance to win then you need to sign up and all that stuff.

And last but not least in terms of games and video gaming are of course classic video games you can play on a console! You probably know the best consoles but still let’s list them out: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to play on your laptop or PC, then visit Amazon Luna, Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Steam, Fortnite, or Facebook Gaming (don’t ask.)

If you are into watching how other people play games, you will probably enjoy streams on:

  • Twitch;
  • Steam;
  • Discord;
  • TikTok;
  • Amazon Luna;
  • YouTube;
  • Xbox Game Pass.

Platforms for Indie Creators

There is a nice entertainment option that few people consider for some reason despite the fact it is awesome. If you are into less mainstream content, or you feel that mainstream content cannot meet your needs or satisfy your interests anymore, you may want to check out platforms that host independent creators.

The most popular platforms are:

  • Patreon;
  • Buy Me a Coffee;
  • Podia;
  • Memberful;
  • Gumroad.

These platforms allow creators to offer subscription-based content with tier costs varying between $1 and $200 (that’s a rare case though). Most tiers cost between $3 and $20. You can listen to music, watch videos, enjoy art, read texts, and so on. The best thing about those platforms is that you always have access to your favorite content, you can communicate with the creator directly, and you can enjoy really high-quality services (let’s say, in contrast to many social media).


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