New Children’s Book Hits the Shelf With All Five-Star Reviews

Walker’s first children’s book, The Adventures of Tony Balony and Cookie, is the story of a now grown adult by the name of Tony Walker, who as a child really did have a lot of fun growing up in the 1960s with his family and his dog named Cookie. The book includes funny stories, written in rhyme, and many life lessons for young children to live by. It is wholesome in its approach and fun to read as well.

The characters are relatable, and the setting in the 1960s is appealing to adults as they read this to their children and grandchildren.

The Adventures of Tony Balony and Cookie is beautifully illustrated, with colorful pages that are sure to capture the attention of young audiences.

Below are a few stories from The Adventures of Tony Balony and Cookie.


Tony Gets A Dog

When Tony Balony was very little

He loved watching TV while eating peanut brittle

His favorite show to watch was about a dog named rookie,

Which is why Tony Balony asked Ma Jo if he could get a dog and name him Cookie;

At first, Ma Jo said absolutely not, 

Until Tony promised to take care of him, to which PaPa Dick responded, “why not?”

The next step involved preparing the upstairs nookie

So that way, there would be a place to play inside with Cookie

While Cookie turned out to be a great fetcher

One big problem with Cookie was getting caught by the dog catcher

With the dog catcher charging papa dick 25 dollars to get Cookie returned

Papa Dick asked Tony Balony exactly what he had learned;

To which Tony said, “papa Dick, I’ll never let Cookie out of my sight for sure”

And with all the trouble Cookie would cause, watching Cookie closely was certainly the cure.”



Tony Goes To School

When Tony was only five years old, Ma Jo told Tony he had to go to school;

But Tony Balony was afraid to go to school because he didn’t think he was cool.

As the bus stopped to pick up Tony, Tony Balony began to cry,

That is until he glanced at Cookie and decided to give it a try.

Once at school the teacher did say,

Is Tony Balony here today?

With his straight blonde hair and his big wide smile,

Tony Balony quickly raised his hand then stood up for a while.

As the bell rang for recess, and the boys and girls got in line

Tony Balony was so nervous that he stood way behind.

As the teacher noticed that Tony seemed nervous as he hung his head low,

She asked what was the matter, but Tony said, he didn’t know.

That was until a young boy named Ned came and stood beside Tony,

And asked if he was “THE” one and only, Tony Balony.

Surprised by the question, Tony excitedly said,

Yes I am Tony Balony, THE one and only tony balony, it’s nice to meet you Ned.

And from that point forward, Tony Balony was never nervous about going to school again…



Tony Learns to Tie His Shoes

When Tony was four and running in lots of races,

His father, Papa Dick told tony to learn to tie his shoe laces.

But since Tony Balony was only four and just learning to run,

He had not time to learn to tie his shoes as he was having so much fun

Until one day, while running down the drive way

Tony’s dog cookie instead wanted to play

So as tony rounded the corner and started to kick a ball

Cookie grabbed Tony’s shoe laces and boy, did Tony Balony fall

As he slid down the hill with Cookie hanging on for dear life

Tony Balony’s brother Marty saw that Tony and Cookie were in strife,

As tony finally stopped and looked at his shoe

Papa Dick said, I told you Tony Balony, learning to tie your shoes is something you must do.

And from that point forward, Tony Balony always tied his shoes, and you should too.

The End


About the author: Growing up as a lower middle-class kid of divorced parents during the 1960s, Tony Walker had little knowledge or hope of learning about money and how best to manage it. Yet, his unique life experiences, 38 years in the field of finance, and meeting in person with over 15,000 Savers, along with his weekly TV and Radio show, The WorryFree Retirement®, has formed Tony’s unique perspective about money and ways others can better use and enjoy it while they can.

Tony is happily married to his high-school sweetheart Susan. Together they enjoy their three children, three grandchildren, and a 90-pound Black Russian Terrier named Stella.



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