Products to Help Whiten Your Teeth

Baby boomers control their disposable income and after retirement have more freedom to improve their lifestyle and live more freely, taking vacations more often, visiting friends and family, and so on. However, this retired lifestyle among Baby Boomers has led to a decrease in scheduling regular appointments. Many retirees fail to schedule regular dental appointments and as such have to deal with early onset tooth decay and gum disease that could have otherwise been prevented. Statistics indicate that baby boomers don't practice the oral health they should, not brushing twice per day, and not using mouthwash. In fact, recent studies found that 47% of baby boomers rarely floss their teeth at all.

With this information in mind it's no wonder that there are consequences to oral health and hygiene, especially things like not getting plaque and tartar removed from the teeth. By not going to regular appointments this can build up, coffee stains can accumulate, and teeth can yellow. For that reason, there are many products that can help whiten teeth which are on the rise.

Big White Smile

If you have clients who are willing to come into your office, sit in a chair, and have their teeth whitening procedure handled over the course of multiple appointments, this is a good option for your dental practice to have. One such product is Big White Smile. This is a teeth whitening compound, a gel that contains a formula designed for people with sensitive teeth, particularly Baby Boomers. It contains optimum water contents that hydrates teeth during the procedure. It's used with a custom application tray to ensure that the Teeth Whitening Gel adheres to the teeth and teeth alone, and for the appropriate length of time.


For those clients who don't necessarily want to sit at a dentist office while undergoing treatment, there are customized take-home whitening trays. With teeth whitening syringes you can get an easily customizable gel with 20% water which prevents hydration, and a sticky formula that keeps the teeth whitening compound in the customized trays, sticking to the teeth. There are five concentrations available in three different flavors which makes it possible for the Teeth Whitening gel to match the needs of each client. The treatment time is flexible as well. People can wear them anywhere between 15 minutes at a time through an entire night. They can be worn during the day and at night thanks to the secure sticky gel and the dental trays.

Opalescence Go

Opalescence Go is a way for patients who might be traveling, retired, and regularly going on cruises to still get convenient teeth whitening. Whitening Gel is delivered in pre-filled, disposable trays that give enhanced whitening to your teeth within as little as 15 minutes at a time. The material actually warms to the body temperature so it will physically hold to the patient's smile and be comfortable during the time frame. It doesn't require any lab time, any special models or Impressions to be made, and it's a good alternative to over-the-counter options which are not as effective and can cause sensitivity in teeth.

Pola Tooth Whitening

Another option is the Pola range of products. There are daytime and nighttime options that contain high viscosity tooth whitening gel. For your baby boomer patients who want something they can do during the day that doesn't disrupt their sleep, there are daytime options that contain high water content and soothers so it doesn't increase sensitivity after the fact. For your baby boomer patients who prefer something they can do at night that doesn't interfere with their daily activities, visit with family, or golf schedule, there are nighttime take home kits that can be done while they sleep.

In this same line of products you can also find the quick and easy brush on application kit. With this you literally brush the compound over the teeth for 30 minutes, twice per day. If you have patients who are not Baby Boomers, and still work during the day, there is an office product line designed for single-use teeth whitening within 30 minutes. Patients can come to your office, sit in a chair for 30 minutes, and get fast results without having to step away from their busy schedule or trying to remember to apply a teeth whitening compound before they go to sleep over the course of several days or weeks.

Whatever it is you want to help whiten the teeth of your patients, depending on their demographics, their work schedules, and their personal preferences, there are products available online. 


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