Reasons to Travel First Class on the Train

If you’re travelling by train, whether it’s for business or pleasure, then you might have been tempted to go for a first-class ticket. But is first-class travel really worth the extra expense? It’s worth considering a few of the advantages carefully.

More space

First-class travellers are afforded slightly more leg-room, and the seats are a bit wider, too. In some trains, you might also find that the aisles are a little bit wider, since there are fewer seats in total. This means that you won’t have that feeling of being crammed in. If you feel uncomfortable every time you travel by train, then this might be a factor worth considering.

Peace and Quiet

While your mileage might vary, the general rule is that first-class travellers are quieter than those in the economy carriage. Moreover, since there are fewer of them, you might find that the ambient noise level is lower overall. This isn’t something that the rail operator has any control over, but it is a nice benefit that tends to arise from the nature of this form of transport.


As a first-class passenger, you’ll get access to niceties that ordinary passengers don’t. These include plug points so that you can charge your electronics while you’re on the go, larger racks for your luggage, and free WiFi. If you’re going to be using the WiFi for business however, you’d be advised to get a good VPN before you connect.

Before you finalise your payment, it’s worth looking into exactly what’s included with your ticket. That way you won’t end up surprised.

Meal included

If you’re travelling a sufficiently long distance, you might find that your train operator will throw in a free meal along with your travel. This cost is factored into the price of your ticket. This being the case, you might be able to save the hassle and expense of finding food when you arrive.

Naturally, the quality of your meal will tend to vary according to the rail operator. In general, however, you can expect something of a quality commensurate with the price you pay.

First-class lounges

One of the major privileges of first-class travel is that travellers get to enjoy a stay in a special lounge prior to travel. Here, you’ll find even more complementary stuff – including that day’s newspapers, drinks and reclining seats. If you anticipate that you’re going to be waiting around a lot before you travel, then the lounge might be worth the price of the first-class ticket alone.


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