Share Your Business Knowledge and Advice in a Book
By E.L. Wilks

A Unique Way to Help Others 

Your years of experience in business and the knowledge, insights, and lessons you learned can benefit others. Maybe you’re no longer working, but the business wisdom you’ve accumulated didn’t disappear when you retired.

How can you share your advice and business philosophy, and perhaps the success principles and best practices that made you successful? In a Business Success Book.

You could write the book and publish it. Or, if you prefer not to write, it can be written by a professional author like those at The firm will also publish your book and make it available for sale at amazon and other online retailers. And, you receive copies of the book to sell or give away. also gives away some books to nonprofits and educational groups as another way to get your words of wisdom and advice to others.

The book will be written in your words – and you will be listed as the author, which means you earn royalties from sales of your book online. But any earnings are just icing on the cake. The real value of having your business advice in a book is that it’s available to others in business and to students.

Think of it as a different way to “give back,” and as a part of your legacy. All that you’ve learned in your lifetime shouldn’t go to the grave with you. Consider what is believed to be an African Proverb, which also has been quoted in various ways by many people:

“When an elder dies, a library burns to the ground. Vast sums of wisdom and knowledge are lost.”

Whether that wisdom and knowledge are related to life or business, there is value in making sure the lessons and advice aren’t lost but are shared with others who could benefit.

E.L. (Ed) Wilks of is a professional biographer and president of Legacies & Memories, LLC, which has been writing business stories and life stories, and producing or publishing the books, since 1999. is a service of Legacies & Memories, LLC.


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