Simple Tips to Get Into R.V. Travel

With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, the safest way to travel as a baby boomer is to look into RV travel. Not relying on hotel and hostel rooms of questionable sanitary conditions is always a plus, especially for a person who is not in the spring of their life. With an RV you’re free like a bird, however, this way of travel requires a bit more planning and preparation. With our tips, you’ll learn how to get into RV travel and have the best time of your life.

The benefits of RV travel

Before you decide to embark on your first voyage, you should consider the many advantages of RV travel. If you enjoy the picturesque natural scenery and open roads, an RV will fit right into your lifestyle. Many baby boomers have to follow a certain dietary regime and being in charge of your own kitchen while traveling can ensure you get the highest quality nutrients. You can also decorate your living area to your liking and make it as cozy as you wish - dreary-looking motel rooms are no more!

Pick a right vehicle

One of the most important parts of diving into the RV lifestyle is choosing the right camper for your needs. For example, a lone wolf who’d like to be on the road quite often will need a smaller campervan, while a large family requires a bigger RV to accommodate everyone. You should also know that campers, also known as motorhomes are classified into three groups according to their size and features. The Class C motorhomes are ideal for baby boomers because they are cheaper and include the toilet, kitchen, and other essentials, unlike class B vehicles. If you decide to travel during the holiday season pay attention that your vehicle comes with a diesel truck heater so you don’t freeze on cold winter nights. Needless to say, Class A vehicles are extremely expensive and luxurious. Of course, renting out an RV is always an option if you don’t want to have to maintain the vehicle all year round. 

Choose the right RV Rental

So many people decide to rent an RV for their trip rather than buy one. It makes sense. For a start, some people don't want an RV trip for every vacation. They’ll want to try out different things. This means it makes zero sense to buy an RV, meaning RV rental is the clear option. Finding a good RV rental can be hard. You can start by simply putting RV rentals near me into your search engine and seeing what comes up. Make sure you find a company with good reviews and good insurance. If you’re renting an RV it’s usually to take it on a long trip…so you need to make sure the RV rental can stand up to the trip.

Plan out your journey

No matter how you travel, you need to decide where you’ll go. Luckily there are resources, like the site Etramping, that are dedicated to helping you decide the perfect desitation and itinerary. Although RVs provide additional freedom, you’re going to have to know where you’ll park it during the night. Camping spots are popping up all over the country, so it’s on you to choose the place you’d like to visit. Our tip is to check the slot availability by calling or emailing the camping sites. It’d be extremely uncomfortable to embark on a trip just to find out that every parking spot is taken. Additionally, it is important to ensure the safety of your family vehicle before you leave for the trip. If you do not have a parking space in your garage, you can choose to rent a parking space to guarantee the safety of your vehicle. Also, check whether the campground is even open during the winter since some close shop in the holiday season.

Pack the essentials

Now that you have your camper and know your destination, you have some packing to do. Make sure you get everything you need for day-to-day life, such as food, clothes, and medicine. You should also pack a first aid kit and some tools, just in case. When it comes to RV-specific equipment, pay attention you have some leveling blocks on hand if the camp’s parking ground is uneven. Don’t forget to bring kitchen appliances such as pans, pots, and plates, since you will be your own chef during your trip. 

Enjoy the sunrise

With everything prepared for your trip, you should be set for the adventure of a lifetime. We recommend you wake up early when you settle at your chosen destination, make some coffee or tea, and enjoy the beautiful view. Stunning sunrises with beautiful mountainous backdrops shouldn’t be missed, even if you’re not a morning person. You can always take a nap in your camper later in the day.


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