Space-Saving Techniques for a Sleek, Minimalist Home

Do you find minimalist homes utterly relaxing and beautiful but can’t commit to the minimalist lifestyle just yet? Don’t worry, because there are ways to achieve that refreshing minimalist house without letting go of half your belongings or cutting down your wardrobe to just 8 identical shirts and two pairs of jeans.

While living a minimalist life is not for everyone, the beauty of a minimalist home can be achieved by all with the following life hacks:

Utilize storage rooms

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people complain about their cluttered homes without first utilizing their actual storage rooms such as basements and attics. Believe it or not, some people are not aware they even have attic space.

First and foremost, find out if you still have extra space in the attic or basement. If you do, that’s where you can place all the stuff you don’t currently use, but can’t let go just yet. At the end of every year, visit your storage room and reassess whether you’re ready to sell, donate, or throw away some of the stuff in there that you never even extracted for the past year.

See, trying to maintain a minimalist house can even be a stepping stone to that glorious minimalist lifestyle you’ve been struggling to commit to.

Run vertical storage spaces

When the world’s biggest cities started running out of land to sprawl houses on, they started to build upward. Hence, the rise of skyscraper condominiums. You can do the same in your own home or apartment. Instead of buying new standalone cabinets or countertops just to store some of your stuff in, you can install high cupboards and hanging countertops that can hold your things just as well without taking up precious floor space.

A minimalist home is characterized by a wide-open negative space where you can freely walk or even prance around without bumping into furniture of any kind. This is something you can achieve by running vertical storage spaces instead of taking up more floor space.

Be creative with hidden storage spaces

If you’ve run around the house putting up vertical storage areas but it’s still not enough to get all the clutter out of plain sight, it’s time to employ hidden storage spaces. This comes in many forms and sizes, including bed frames with hidden pull-out compartments and couches that have surprise hollow middles that can be used as storage.

However, one of the best and most underrated hidden storage spaces you can utilize is under your deck. If you’ve heard of under-deck ceilings before but are not sure what they are exactly, consult with Kansas City Deck ceilings so they can assist you in turning your under-deck into a safe and dry place to store goods so you don’t have to keep everything indoors where space is a rather scarce commodity.

Favor open concept designs

As mentioned earlier, a minimalist home usually has an open concept design, which does not look warmly on physical dividers and instead embraces the oneness of the space. Sometimes, the best divider between your dining room and the living room is a wide space between them. This will help you achieve that amazing minimalist look without doing much.

Pick right-sized furniture

Your priority must be to find furniture that serves dual purposes such as bedframes with storage compartments. If you can’t find such models for some furniture, such as gaming chairs that serve no other purpose than being gaming chairs, just make sure you pick one that wouldn’t take up extra space unnecessarily. If you’re living alone, for instance, you probably don’t need 8-seater dining sets or couches. Always be practical when choosing furniture size, and bear in mind the actual size of your home, because some things just look small or regular-sized when viewed in a gigantic showroom, but turn out to be gigantic when you already take them back home.

Declutter well and declutter often

Finally, the best space-saving life hack we can give you is to take decluttering seriously. A sleek, minimalist home does not have any stuff just lying around collecting dust. Something you don’t use everyday has no business being out in the open. Always make it a point to discuss with yourself whether you actually need something enough to keep it around. Otherwise, stow it away in one of the storage spaces earlier mentioned in this article, or for what it’s worth, just get rid of it.

Now you can achieve that sleek, minimalist house you’ve always wanted, even though you’re not yet prepared to fully immerse yourself in the actual minimalist lifestyle.


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