Supercars That Appreciate in Value

If you are a high roller, successful business executive or A-lister celebrity, the chances are you have owned or are planning to own a supercar. For the ultra-wealthy, supercars are a status symbol that shows the world their success and tend to be acquisitions bought with passion and the desire for the best things in life. You might be surprised to know that some supercars are worth more as they age rather than depreciating like most cars. This can be for a variety of factors, such as the rarity of the model and if they became discontinued some years after production. Supercars tend to be produced in much smaller numbers than standard cars, which can make them highly sought after in the future. In this article, we present some of the best supercars that are likely to continue appreciating in value as time goes by, representing great investment opportunities for high-flying petrol heads.

McLaren F1

Many McLaren owners ask themselves “should I sell my McLaren?”. This is not because they are unreliable or badly built, but rather because McLaren supercars tend to rise in value years after purchase. One prime example is the McLaren F1. This was considered a truly exceptional car when it hit the supercar scene in the 1990s. As well as being insanely fast with a top speed of 204.1mph (making it the fastest naturally aspirated car of all time) it had design touches such as a gold-lined engine bay that helped to dissipate heat from the engine at high speeds. It was built to race and excelled on the track. With only 106 McLaren F1 built between 1992 and 1998, this was a rare supercar to begin with. Today, there are thought to be approximately fifty remaining in existence, which has made them the most desirable supercar of the 90s for collectors. As a result, the value of them has soared by close to 1000%. In 2021, a McLaren F1 sold for over $20 million, making it one of the most sought-after cars of all time.

Ferrari F50

The Ferrari F50 was Ferrari's flagship car of the 90s but was strangely unpopular amongst car collectors of that era. Most experts put this down to the fact that it was full of controversial and ultra-aggressive styling touches that were simply too far ahead of its time with Ferrari purists opting for the F40 instead. Today, its design looks completely in place with the world of supercars, and it is a much sought-after supercar. Less than four hundred of the F50 were made during its production lifespan which has further increased their desirability, and you can expect to pay close to $4 million for a pristine example today. This is an asking price that is only set to rise in the years to come.

Maserati MC12

One of the rarest supercars of all time is the Maserati MC12. This is essentially a thoroughbred race car of which only fifty road-driving units were built. It was impractical for day-to-day use, but the insane speed and race-ready performance that was heavily inspired by the Ferrari Enzo have ensured that it is a firm favourite with collectors of today. Whilst it cost $800K at the time of production, which was a staggering amount, an excellent example today can fetch upwards of $2 million, which makes for an immense profit for those lucky enough to own one.



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