The 3 Things You Need in Your Sex Life That You Don't Already Have

Sex is a lot of things. But one thing it shouldn't be is boring. If you're looking for fresh ways to shake things up in the bedroom, we've compiled some ideas you likely haven't tried yet but will definitely want to adopt. 

No matter how long you've been with your partner, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Lingerie That's Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the biggest fashion trends of the past few years has been bodysuits. While we love the put-together look of our favorite daily wear, this fast fashion doesn't go to bed when the sun goes down. Bodystockings are a popular and sexy nighttime take on a bodysuit and a fun twist on typical lingerie. Whether you go all out for the bodystocking or try a new lingerie set that's a little bit racier, spicy lingerie is a must-have in any sex-positive person's arsenal. 

Bodystockings and leather lingerie are both current looks. They're chic and exciting, with just the right amount of shocking to pique your partner's interest and get their blood pumping. With many styles and options that flatter every body type, new lingerie is a need-to-have item to add to your after-hours wardrobe.

2. The Sex List

Perhaps you and your partner have been together for months or decades. But if you don't have your own curated sex list, then you're missing out on exciting experiences to help keep the flame going strong for years to come. The gist behind the list is that, together, you and your partner jot down everything you want to (or are open to) try in the bedroom with each other. A great way to make this a reality is to create your own lists and combine them. Indeed, this alone will be enough to get you in the mood. Save this for special occasions or whip it out when things start to feel stale. It's a surefire way to make any night a whole lot more exciting together.

3. Take a Kink Test Together

Like the idea of a sex list, but don't know what to include? If so, grab some inspiration from a good, old-fashioned kink test. Not only will it open your eyes to countless possibilities, but if you have your partner take it too, you may even discover some new ways you are compatible in bed. Odds are you've already discovered more than a few ways the two of you work well together. However, you might find something about your relationship you never understood before. Take advantage of this newfound knowledge by incorporating it into your next date night plans.

When in Doubt, Talk It Out

If your sex life is a struggle, the best thing you can do is talk about it with your partner. Together, you can brainstorm your fun ways to bring the spark back into the bedroom. Let these exciting ideas be a jumping-off point for a much more rewarding bedtime routine going forward.


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