The Best Countries to Visit as an Older Traveller

When you get a little older, your wants for a holiday change. Where once you may have enjoyed a jet-setting whirlwind, you may now want something relaxing and restorative or a cultural trip where you can socialise and take in the sites.

With travel opening up again and 34% of surveyed Brits looking to make their next holidays longer, you may well be one of the many who are keen to book a trip.

But which destinations suit older travellers best?  Read on for holiday inspiration.

Types of holidays

  • Guided walking holidays: If you enjoy an active holiday but you’re not up to the intense adventure holidays of your 30s, consider a guided walking holiday with knowledgeable local leaders. You can choose the intensity of the activity, plus you’ll get to see the highlights of your chosen trip location close-up and meet like-minded people to share the experience. What’s not to love?
  • Bus tours: Bus trips are the preferred holiday for many older travellers, as they take a lot of the hassle out of logistics. You can find national and European trips in large luxury coaches, providing an ideal opportunity to make new friends.
  • All-inclusive holidays: For a trip where it’s all planned for you, think about an all-inclusive holiday. With your price usually including accommodation, food, and on-site entertainment, it’s an attractive prospect for older holidaymakers who want everything in one place.
  • Cruise: With extensive on-board facilities and beautiful ocean views, a cruise is a great option for a relaxing, low-pressure holiday. There are usually stop-offs, depending on your cruise of choice. You may want to circle the fjords of Norway or see the major ports of the Caribbean. Whatever your travel interests, there’s a tour for everyone.

Countries to visit


Spain is the most popular destination for travellers from the UK, with 18 million Brits flocking to its shores each year. It offers cultural interest, beaches, and beautiful weather – what more could you ask for? Choose a Southern coastal resort, one of its many vibrant cities, or the lush green calm of Galicia.


With famous gastronomical delights, artistic fascination and beautiful scenery, France is a firm favourite in European destinations. With such diverse options as exploring the majesty of Paris, discovering the vineyards of the Loire Valley, or taking in the crystal blue sea of the French Riviera, there’s an experience to suit every older holidaymaker.


A place of romance and history, Italy never fails to impress. Visit one of Italy’s many legendary cities, or relax by the banks of its largest lake, Lake Garda. The slow pace of life in rural Italian locations makes this an ideal destination.

The Cotswolds

Spanning just under 800 square miles, the Cotswolds’ variety is matched only by its beauty. The clue is in the name: as ‘wolds’ means hills, you’ll get a taste of classic English scenery and heritage if you choose to holiday here. For older travellers with dogs, the Cotswolds is a very dog-friendly destination, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.


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