The Best DIY Things To Make and Sell in 2022

In general, you can sell your DIY crafts in one of two ways. You can either create an independent eCommerce store or become a merchant, sharing a marketplace with other sellers. 

An online store will enable you to talk directly to your customers, thus helping you build your brand faster. Feel free to visit FinImpact to learn more about eCommerce business loans if you don’t have the money to invest on hand.

But what can you sell? Let’s review the most profitable ideas!

Soap and Bath Bombs

Making and selling bath bombs and soaps is a craft with a low barrier to entry. Online tutorials are an excellent place to start learning the ropes, and even if you lack creativity, commercial molds make assembly simple.

Start with basic recipes for goods like bath salts before attempting more complex formulas with preservatives and emulsions.


If you are not an incredibly creative person, t-shirts can be the best item to produce and market. It is because you don’t have to sell your own creations. You may buy them from a designer and print them on demand, or you can dropship t-shirts from a producer.

It is the ideal business to start small with low initial expenses and then build up as you progress.


Jewelry is a business idea that may be anything from basic (headed necklaces) to skilled ( silversmithing). It is highly important to your research properly since there is a lot of competition.

Is there a specific market to serve? Strong branding and skills are essential for success in this industry.


Candles are a DIY craft that may be offered for sale all year long. Quality candles are excellent gifts because most people won’t spend a lot of money on them for themselves.

You’ve got plenty of occasions throughout the year to keep clients coming back, including birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. You may make a wide selection of scent combinations in a number of different shapes and sizes by buying wax and scented oils.

Sweet Treats

We all know that sugar plays a significant role in our lives. Finding DIY items to manufacture and sell in this category should be straightforward for you if you enjoy creating delicious concoctions.

You may start with a baked goods store or specialize in a niche like wedding and holiday treats.

Digital Products

You may create and sell digital goods like wedding invitation templates, webinars, font licenses, and Photoshop actions in your online store.

Selling digital goods has a number of advantages, including minimal overhead expenses and no need to deal with physical inventories or the shipping process.


The keychain is always in trend. The item has long outlived its usefulness and is now used as an identifying piece; an animal broadcasts that the owner loves animals, and scenes from tourist destinations identify the user as a traveler.

You can make keychains out of various materials like leather, plastic, canvas, or cloth for different types of clients.

Kitchen Gadgets

Making kitchen tools is a fulfilling and enjoyable business. It’s fun to come up with fresh ideas for gadgets, and it’s rewarding to see them utilized by your customers.

Kitchen appliances don’t need to be complex to be effective. The designs of many of the most used gadgets are simple. Start with a simple design before proceeding to more complex designs.


Magnets may be manufactured for as little as $0.03 to $0.06 per unit. However, that does not imply that you should limit your business to only typical magnets.

What about transforming old pictures into magnets? Can notepads be attached in visible places to assist individuals in staying on top of their daily tasks?

The creations are entirely up to you, and because of magnets’ flexibility, they can last for a very long time.

Kid’s Toys

You may share your DIY crafts with children who will cherish them for years to come by making toys. You don’t have to work for a manufacturer to do this. You can become the next great toymaker with some paint, cloth, and stuffing.

Pet Supplies

Making products to sell to pet owners is a business concept with a ton of potential. In fact, it is predicted that by 2030, the worldwide market will reach $232 billion. If you already possess a creative flair, making and selling homemade catnip toys, dog treats, and pet collars are simple and can be done from home.

Electronic Accessories

You’ll see that nearly everybody has a tablet or smartphone within reach if you take a look around. It seems natural that consumers would be ready to spend money on a good carrying case or accessory to keep their valuable gadget safe since we take them with us wherever we go.

You can design cases for devices that are fashionable and practical for a large market of consumers if you’re prepared to learn a little bit about sewing.

Tote Bags

The average individual uses 425 plastic shopping bags a year, in case you didn’t know. Tote bags are more significant than ever as more and more countries work to reduce the usage of plastic bags. 

These multipurpose catch-alls have a large market, from the local supermarket to the coffee shop—and they’re quite cheap to create. Your tote bags will draw clients and set you apart from rivals if they include a distinctive design or message.


The opportunities and ideas don’t end here. There are plenty of creative ways to earn money by making your own products to sell online. Feel free to balance your present skill set with your enthusiasm and market demand to come up with the best business idea.


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