The Insider's Guide to Living in Basel: Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Classical art and medieval places coexist peacefully with contemporary living in Basel Stadt, Switzerland.

If you want to work for global corporations or in the life sciences sector, relocating to Basel is the finest option. In addition, this city has lovely views and local sites that add to the pleasure of residing in Basel.

In this article, we'll show you some of the best approaches for relocating, as well as suggestions for residence places, including furnished apartments in Basel, will also be provided.

Tips for Newcomers

Get the Local Information


Basel, near the northern and western borders of Switzerland, the southern Black Forest of Germany, and the region of Alsace, respectively, provides excellent shopping, educational, and recreational possibilities. Because of this, Basel offers a unique way of life in all of Switzerland.

Medical Care

Basel's primary sector is medical and chemical manufacturing, contributing to the city's excellent medical care facilities. It includes clean and adequate healthcare facilities, the town's newly created Kinderspital, and many pharmacies and physicians downtown and in outlying areas.

Locating a Place to Dwell

The tricky part comes next. And for this, a relocation agency is essential because they can demonstrate a decent selection of renting homes in various areas and try to get you into a neighborhood that meets your requirements. 

Sadly, life in Switzerland has a cost; you'll notice that this chant starts to resemble a Greek choir. Most families (at least initially) reside in a leased flat due to the acute lack of available homes. Although they frequently sell out quickly, you can soon locate a contemporary "row house" with a small personal yard for a reasonable price.

Additionally, numerous spacious flats are accessible, and they frequently have play areas, shared green spaces, and a very high level of sanitation. Every community typically has Swiss state educational institutions and a grocery store nearby.

It sounds very secure and entirely classic to see kids of all ages strolling to and from the institution alone and kids frolicking together unsupervised in the neighborhoods, particularly in the richer, verdant areas. It's nearly like traveling back in period.

Determine Your Average Monthly Spending Before Traveling to Basel

Generally, Basel, Switzerland, has a high cost of livelihood. This city's living cost is even higher than in London, England.

A household of four will likely spend €5,776.09 monthly, while a single person would pay approximately €2,936.60 monthly. So before moving to Basel, consider your finances carefully and determine whether you can live in Basel.

Discover the Area: Get Familiar with the Public Transportation

Basel has a first-rate public transportation system that is renowned for its reliability. The tram, train, and transport are all available for getting around the metropolis.

In Basel, you can also travel by public transportation to nearby states like France and Germany. Additionally, you can arrange for your pets to ride public transit.

So, use your free time after you land in Basel to travel on public transportation. You can become acquainted with the roads in this manner.

Make a List of Basel's Must-See Locations

Basel exploration is enjoyable! Many beautiful and educational locations in this metropolis are worth visiting.

Below are a few of the Basel attractions you should check off your wish list:

  • Old Town

  • Kunstmuseum Basel, known as the Museum of Art

  • Papiermühle is also known as Paper Mill Museum

  • Münsterhügel or Minster Hill 

  • Zoo

  • Tinguely Fountain 

Make your exploratory trip even more critical by asking your peers or coworkers to guide you. This may be an excellent way to break off your immigrant cocoon and meet new local acquaintances.

Things that, if Done Incorrectly, can Result in Fines in Basel

  • Inadequate trash disposal 

  • Irregular bicycle riding

  • Traveling (despite obeying all the traffic rules)

  • Employing your PC or TV while driving in paid or free spaces

  • Waste disposal or throwing out recyclables

  • Using the trolley or carriage, even though you have a pass


The metropolis of Basel has everything you could need. Along with the opportunity to see the vibrant nightlife, city sights, stunning city views, and delectable cuisine, you will discover chances in various sectors.

Neighborhoods in this metropolis are available to suit everyone's requirements. Each community has excellent dining options, parks, and schools and is well-linked to transportation networks.

So overall, Basel is an excellent place to live. Remember the strategies mentioned above if you are a newcomer to this city.


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