The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Treatments as You Age

Cosmetic surgery is a long-existing medical practice, however studies show that nearly 90 percent of people have misinformed views about cosmetic treatments. For instance, many people still feel stigmatised after applying for a cosmetic procedure. However, people who opt for these treatments aren't always insecure about their looks. It's crucial to understand cosmetic procedures and their pros and cons for people of all appropriate age groups.


The main purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance an individual's appearance, and some of its benefits include;

Enhanced Appearance

The most common surgical procedures include facial contouring, breast enhancement, body contouring, and skin or facial rejuvenation. They’re the most widely available when concerning cosmetic surgery and some clinics like provide a good range of solutions. You can also find many specialists who operate in multiple areas.

Improved Physical Health

Apart from enhancing physical appearance, most cosmetic surgery procedures have effects trickling down to improve the physical health of patients. For instance, various studies support that rhinoplasty surgery provides beauty enhancements to the nose and may help manage specific respiratory issues.

Another cosmetic surgery example noted for trickle-down effects on physical health is liposuction. After completing liposuction, some results may include reduced susceptibility to high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases. This makes it a suitable option for older patients who would want to build resilience against some of these old-age-related complications.

Improved Confidence

Cosmetic surgery can have a huge influence on self-confidence. According to the National Library of Medicine, people were more satisfied with their sexual self-esteem and their body image after completing cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery patients also establish that their social lives and mental health have significantly improved, especially those who were unhappy with their looks before the surgery.


Cosmetic procedures have their perks, but the disadvantages cannot be understated. Some of these disadvantages include;

Expensive Procedures

Cosmetic surgery has not been an easily accessible form of health care because of its affordability. For people who must consider cosmetic surgery, having enough money to settle out-of-pocket bills is crucial since most health insurance schemes don’t cover cosmetic surgery.

Doesn't Always Meet Expectations

This is another downside of cosmetic surgery. Mistakes can happen, and the results don’t always meet expectations. Why? Various factors account for it, like a patient not getting the right surgeon for the job. Individually, bodies are different, and some people may respond badly to surgical treatments in some rare cases.

Surgical errors are not common, but they happen, and you'll be lucky if the errors can be reversed. Most often than not, errors become permanent, worsening the conditions patients brought to the health provider. For this reason, it's crucial to have realistic expectations and deal with trusted cosmetic surgeons.


There’s nothing negative about an individual deciding to improve themselves. However, some people still have strong reservations about cosmetic surgeries, and the worst part is that they extend those views to others who want to work things out. Some therapists advise people who fixate on others' opinions about them to be extra mindful before choosing surgical procedures.

Generally, cosmetic surgery differs from plastic surgery, and there are more advantages than disadvantages for individuals of all appropriate age groups.


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