Uncertainty Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Learning is something we can do all of our lives and is actually beneficial to our health. We recently featured an article discussing what lifelong learning means and a program called OLLI that helps stimulate you through interesting classes focused on the joys of learning. It turns out that OLLI is on to something by focusing on lifelong learning and we should listen up.

According to a scientific study discussed in an article on Inc., stability (having a stable environment in which we are not learning anything new) is a shut off switch for our brains. Learning new things and constantly challenging ourselves is vital for making the most of our brains. The article goes on to say that being outside of your comfort zone or in uncertain situations helps kickstart your brain.

Yale neuroscientist Daeyeol Lee says in the article, "Perhaps the most important insight from our study is that the function of the brain as well as the nature of learning is not 'fixed' but adapts according to the stability of the environment... When you enter a more novel and volatile environment, this might enhance the tendency for the brain to absorb more information."

So, don't let your brain stay on idle too long. Try taking an online class, starting a new project, changing your daily routine, talking to strangers, traveling to new places.  Novelty...variety...uncertainty...purposefully build these things into your daily routine to keep your brain at its best.


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