Vitamin D is Important for Kids!

7 ways to engage kids in outdoor activities

As the title suggests, Vitamin D is important for kids, who must engage in outdoor activities. Nowadays, most kids are centered in their homes and spend most of their leisure time watching television or peeking at the phone screen, which is not good for them. But you can make them play in the green playground where they will feel closer to nature and to every other kid coming to play there. In addition, we all know how important it is for kids to communicate and collaborate with other kids to learn new things.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 ways to engage your child or grandchild in outdoor activities.

Indulge Into Outdoor Games

One of the primary things you could do to get kids outside playing is to get them some great games. Getting games like flying fox, climbing frames, and more can be a great way for kids to remain outdoors and, at the same time, get the required amount of sunlight. You’ll lose count of the hours children can remain engaged here. And if you are worrying about where to get these games, Lifespan Kids is to your rescue. Get them an umpteen number of options for kids or grandkids to try out.


You can get a tricycle for your kid to ride outside. Kids mostly love these rides as they feel amusing and aged like this. Kids love cycles, but if you can first introduce a tricycle that is easy to ride, you can generally replace it with a bicycle. Once they get the hang of it, they will request you to take them outside so that they can ride their cycle.

Sky Gazing

Another activity where you don’t have to do anything but just communicate with your child or grandchild. You can easily lay on your back with and gaze at the sky on a starry night or a beautiful morning when the sun is coming out. Recognize different cloud shapes and constellations with them, which will not only increase their knowledge but is good to feed their curiosity as well. A fun outdoor game associated with this is flying kites. You can teach your son/daughter to fly kites, which is fun and exciting.

Rides in the Park

We all know how much kids love visiting a park, and similarly, you can take them to a park and let them go around to play different rides. Park is crowded with other kids as well, and he/she can surely make friends who will pull them to visit the park every day. From swings to merry-go-rounds to slides, everything is just great. It also helps them exercise a bit because it all includes physical activity. Kids can often have obesity as well, and it helps to prevent obesity and different health problems.

Play a Treasure Game

Most people don’t know about this game or how to play this game, but today let us teach you. At first, the parents must dig up the ground and hide something underneath. Then make a map and assign your kid to dig up the treasure from below. This game is easy and adventurous as well. Kids love games like these. You can also make the map with different hints and area links so that they can discover quickly.

Take them to a Forest

This is, again, a super fun way to learn new things about new animals and bugs. You can take your kid or grandkid to a nearby forest and click pictures and tell them stories. Give them notes and click some pictures as well. This will trigger their imaginations and creativity as well.

Skating and Gardening

The last two activities are skating and Gardening. Gardening is a fun activity that keeps kids occupied with good intentions. On the other hand, skating sounds amazing and feels amazing as well. Let her learn new things and explore new possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Kids must also hunt for new possibilities and explore their true selves. Looking at a phone screen is usually just a waste of time. Try to make good use of their time and your time as well. Hopefully, this article has given you some good ideas to try!


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