What are Aroma Massages and Their Benefits

Beauty spa, soft light, pleasant music, strong and skillful hands of the massage therapist in massage parlour will help you relax and feel lightness all over your body.

Aroma massage is a relaxing body luxury massage using natural oils. The master, influencing the nerve endings and biologically active points, tunes in to you, conveying a state of harmony and peace. At the beginning of the ritual, the aroma massage is performed in a soft technique, the intensity of exposure gradually increases. Aroma massage will help not only to relax and relieve tension from the muscles, but also will take you away from the everyday bustle to the country of tranquility and luxury.

What is aroma massage

Aroma massage is an unusually effective mixture of acupressure, manual therapy, muscle massage and the tenderness of the hands of a masseuse using the most natural oils created on the basis of the juice of tropical fruits and plants.

The main movement of the massage therapist during a relaxing massage is stroking, which is performed in different directions, while the pressure remains unchanged. During this massage, we recommend that you relax as much as possible, try to disconnect from worries, and then, most likely, you will fall asleep. Properly selected aroma of essential oil is an essential feature of this massage. At the end of the massage, you will feel peace, and, perhaps, a slight sadness from the fact that the time of the procedure has flown by so quickly.

It necessarily includes a massage of the head and the cervical-collar zone: it is there that the majority of muscle clamps are concentrated, which adversely affects well-being. Relaxation of the muscles of this zone normalizes blood circulation, relieves headaches, stimulates mental activity. Normalization of blood circulation has a beneficial effect on brain function, overwork is eliminated, sleep and natural reactions improve, feelings of discomfort, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty are removed.

Benefits of aroma massage

• Thanks to aromatic oils, tissues and muscles are quickly warmed up.

• The nervous system relaxes much better and the effect lasts longer. Fatigue, overwork and depressive states are quickly removed, working capacity is increased. Aroma massage will also help get rid of insomnia, alleviate the condition of weather-sensitive people, improve the psycho-emotional background

• Dramatically accelerates metabolism.

• Aroma massage has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, genitourinary, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems, improving their activity.

• The body is saturated with useful components and the condition of the skin improves.

• The effect of the performed massage lasts up to several hours longer than conventional massages.

How often to do aroma massage

• A course of therapeutic massage with aromatherapy is recommended from 5 sessions, once a week.

• Oils are changed every five procedures. The composition of the massage mixture includes, as a rule, 3 types of oils.

• The effectiveness of the massage depends on the correct combination of oils.

• Duration of aroma massage averages one and a half hours. Then you can do preventive massage 1-2 times a month.

After aroma massage

• Directly after aroma massage you should drink a glass of tea or warm water and lie down for a few minutes (15-20).

• After an aroma massage, it is better not to be exposed to sunlight for a day (especially if citrus oil was included in the mixture of aroma oils), and in no case go to the solarium.

• You should not wash for 12 hours after an aroma massage session, so that the oils penetrate well into the skin and bloodstream.

• A couple of days after the aroma massage, we advise you to drink a little more water than usual.

• It is better to refuse alcoholic drinks.

Aroma massage is a magical act of hands and aromas, during which even a mere mortal can feel like heir to the throne.

The massage technique includes treating the surface of the patient's body not only with fingers and hands, but also with elbows and forearms. The main method is a variety of strength and intensity of pressure. Usually, the procedure begins with a foot massage, smoothly flowing to the whole body, including the head. After a relaxing massage, a state of peace, bliss and bliss sets in, the head is cleared of thoughts, the muscles come to a relaxed state. We recommend a session of such a massage to anyone who is tired of the hustle and bustle of noisy cities and wants to relax.

Complete harmony and balance between mind and body, a state of satisfaction, calmness, relaxation and soothing of the nervous system - these are the goals of aroma massage.


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