What are the Latest Changes in Mobility Options?

Previously if you suffered from deteriorating health or restrictions due to hip or knee problems your mobility options could be limited to wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

When do you need to look at the options?

When we reach the point where we cannot balance easily or are too frail and need assistance with everyday activities, our options may be limited.

But many people in good health are only restricted by previous injuries or limited movement of their lower limbs, which expands the choices.

How have the options changed?

Recently extra mobility options have become available due to an increase use of two-wheel mobility products.

The current choices are:

• Electric three or four-wheel Mobility Scooters

 • Electric Bikes

 • Electric moped style Bike

Traditional three or four-wheel Mobility Scooters:

Traditional electric mobility scooters are basically a chair on wheels to assist people with age-related physical problems or disabilities from knee or hip problems.

In basic terms it is a combination of a wheelchair and electric scooter. For people with severe difficulties it can be practical way to get around.

Electric bikes:

With increased availability, electric bikes are now being used as an alternative to electric mobility scooters. More models have become available and the prices have decreased over the last few years.

They provide an alternative to riding a bike, since you can equalize the exercise to meet your level of fitness or weather conditions such as wind.

You do need a level of fitness to be able to use the pedal system. Also many models still have an issue with comfort, power and difficulty getting on and off. These things seem to hamper many people looking at this as an alternative to the electric mobility scooter.

Electric Moped Bikes:

Like electric bikes, but the drive principal is different.

They are also two-wheel, but the electric bike principal is the motor assists the pedals, whereas the electric moped bike the pedaling assists the motor if necessary.

They are built with easier access, a lower, wider seat, usually with full suspension and visibility options included. It is a cross between an Electric bike and Moped, making it easier to ride.

No License or Registration Required

Earlier Scooter Mopeds were heavier and had license requirements. New smart electric moped bikes do not require license or registration in most states.

Why is a smart electric moped bike different?

An electric smart moped like the Evolts O3 Seniors model (https://evolts.net/latest-electric-mobility-scooters-evolts-o3-series-3/) has switchable three speed capabilities, allowing walking pace by motor or pedals 5-MPH, jogging pace 10-MPH and 20-MPH.

Easy to control when learning or relearning to ride a two-wheeler.

Comfortable with full suspension and wide comfortable seat. You can touch the ground easily so mounting and dismounting is easy.

The price is less than many mobility scooters and even electric bikes.

Best option for you

When it comes to finding the best option for you, keep in mind each product’s suitability according to your health needs. Also, consider reliability, features, pricing, and overall quality. Be aware that there are additional options available.


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