What Is Google’s Blockchain Called?

What we know about Google in general is clear and yet always obscure. The latest project the tech giant forwards is a sure focus on blockchain. It’s not farfetched to think that Google researchers have long developed crypto models of their own to use. However, what’s developing on the horizon now takes the web to its next level. The implications of decentralized internet aren’t only possible at Google. Decentralization is also what powers the new metaverse.

Will Web 3.0 Actually Work?

In theory, web 3.0 is already live and active. Since the internet first allowed hosts to share data, it was only a matter of time before common readers could as well. The age of blogs and social media entered in the promises of web 2.0 to modern society. What blockchain now achieves is imperative if society is to reach its next 3.0 milestone. The social, professional and intellectual virtues of mankind enter a digital transformation that calls for reliability with mobile internet.

How Does This All Connect?

Blockchains can be integrated through the endless networks that developers across the globe host. Google’s hope is to be “the” bridge surfers use to enter or exit meta content. Crypto, social media, mining, earning and content will all be a part of this new internet. Even your Chrome browser is obsolete as developers now have options with blockchains built into them. Hence, Google is determined to find ways to monetize this new world, which we can call internet 3.0.

The Leaders and Integrations

The leaders of the web, often known as Big Tech, have to develop blockchains of their own. They must rely on open source software if they lack the writers to build their own integrations with. Microsoft, for example, offers a variety of digital products and services that even now are strictly wireless and bought online. The average consumer is adopting crypto, and the best way for big agencies to receive this currency is through their own tokenized blockchains.

The Promises of the Metaverse

When speaking of web 3.0, it shouldn’t be confused with the metaverse. The metaverse is a conglomerate of inputs that result in an augmented state of reality. These states are achieved by creating digital environments that get tied to real possessions in life. The ease of accessing and exiting this digital world is where big brands are focusing their efforts. With the rise of “indestructible” digital possessions like NFTs, the internet will more closely resemble life.

Keep in Mind the Internet of Things (IoT)

Blockchain also has relevance within the internet of things. Creating an internet network through physical objects only makes sense with blockchain. The first danger we can imagine within IoT is the obvious potential of getting hacked. Blockchain is the ready solution to this insecurity. The prospect is real with brands like Google that see how digital technology can account for real life. Now in order to automate such concepts, someone has to create a decentralized web for all to have access to.


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