What To Give For A Housewarming Party: 10 Perfect Ideas

Moving to a new apartment or house is a real holiday, so if you were invited to a housewarming party, gifts are indispensable. The best option would be to ask the hosts of the evening what exactly they would like as a gift to the new living space. But some people are embarrassed to make a wish list so as not to seem too immodest. So if you don’t know what to give friends or relatives for housewarming, this article will be useful to you.

Live or indoor flowers

Flowers not only help create an atmosphere of comfort, but also regulate the humidity in the rooms, purify the air and enrich it with oxygen. Give the owners of the house a "money tree". It can be an ordinary crassula or an exotic zamioculcas – they symbolize prosperity and don’t require complex care.

And a good addition to any gift would be a bouquet of fresh flowers. Google flowers delivered near me and choose a bright bouquet of roses or cheerful daisies. A bouquet of flowers is always a wonderful element of home decor.

Warm blanket

Today you can find blankets of the most original shapes and colors. For example, with sleeves for two. Ideally, it should be in harmony with the upholstery of furniture, curtains or carpet. If you haven't been to a newsettler's house yet, give preference to neutral shades: brown, beige, white, gray.

Robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner will take over part of the cleaning, and the new settlers will be able to spend time doing more enjoyable activities. When choosing, pay attention to whether the device can wash floors or only vacuums them, whether the height of the case will allow you to clean under furniture and whether the battery has enough charge to clean the whole house.

A set of round storage boxes

Stylish boxes of gray color are intended for storage of small accessories. Hosts can put it in a dressing room or linen closet, or leave it in plain sight in the bedroom – then they will become a concise decor.

A set of interior candles in a gift box

Candles packed in painted jars will create an atmosphere of oriental hospitality, add warmth and a little magic to any interior. Soft soothing aromas of figs, spring flowers, lemon and lavender will help hosts relax after a day's work, relieve anxiety and stress. Candles decorate the house even without ignition, so they are an excellent present and decor at the same time.

Desktop biofireplace

Not everyone can install a classic wood or alcohol fireplace at home – that's why desktop counterparts were created. They are made of steel or ceramic. Such a bio-fireplace allows you to enjoy a live fire, but doesn’t require much space and doesn’t emit smoke. And it can also be supplemented with imitation of coals.


Dry air not only irritates the eyes and accelerates the aging of the skin – because of it, houseplants suffer, interior finishes dry out and furniture deteriorates. A household humidifier will help to ensure a comfortable microclimate in the apartment. Some models are equipped with an aromatization function.

Smart speaker

A smart speaker with a built-in voice assistant will call a taxi, order food delivery, set an alarm, turn on your favorite music, read a fairy tale, tell the weather forecast or the latest news. In addition, it can control the Smart Home system. For example, adjust the light and run the air conditioner.

Board game

Board games help save money for you as a giver and diversify family leisure and have fun with friends. They are divided into many types and genres. When choosing a gift, it is better to give preference to games that allow any number of players. A married couple can get fantas for lovers.

Still haven't chosen a gift?

Give a certificate. It is not customary to give money for a housewarming party, but a certificate for the purchase of furniture and household goods will be an excellent solution. New settlers will choose the right things themselves, just buy a gift card from IKEA, Hoff, Leroy Merlin or Zara Home. An even more interesting option: a certificate for designer or cleaning services.


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