Why Botox Isn’t Helping Your Skin
By Emily Trampetti

If you’re reading this article, there’s a really good chance that you’ve had a shaky relationship with your skin for many years. Maybe it started in your 20s or 30s when the signs of a youthful complexion started to give way for fine lines and wrinkles. Or maybe you started developing dark spots from all that time in the sun as a teen, or even after you had your first child. Or maybe it was later in life when perimenopause or menopause symptoms left your complexion feeling dry, bumpy, or even full of breakouts. Whenever it was, there was most likely a magazine or television advertisement locked and loaded, convincing you that the solution was near. That it was unacceptable to age and that you should be shelling out your next dollar for their miracle cream or serum to fix all of your skin problems and more. From there you most likely got trapped in an endless cycle of skincare trial and error, always hoping for somebody’s promise to come true, but never did.

For those over 50, you have probably been exposed to more beauty products and treatments than anyone. You were listening when some of the biggest skincare innovations and technologies came on the market, and even when some left the market. You were constantly convinced by the media to fight the signs of aging with every penny you had. But where did it leave you? What is your current relationship like with your skin?

Many of my clients over 50 have a similar storyline. They would rather die than look old, and will continue playing the skincare lottery to hopefully one day win big with a treatment or serum that actually takes away their wrinkles, bags or dark spots. But I’m here to tell you that there are no winners when it comes to this strategy. You’re playing the wrong game.

So what does this have to do with Botox?

One of the biggest skincare discoveries at the back of the 20th century was Botulinum toxin A. Today, you might know this neurotoxin as Botox, Dysport or even Xeomin. Starting in 2002, it offered a new promise - to immediately take away wrinkles and fine lines with a small injection. And, as you may have guessed (or know yourself!), it has revolutionized the beauty industry and is still thriving in 2023. In addition, we also started injecting other chemicals into our face to help with more issues we didn’t know we had with our skin. Things like bone structure, thin lips, facial fat loss, and more. But the one thing that didn’t change is the fact that we are still playing the same game. And that game is focusing on the wrong things when it comes to your skin, along with continuing the cycle of hating your skin.

Now, while I’m not here to shame you for getting Botox or wanting to look youthful, I am here to show you how to play a different game with your skin. The long game. The game that addresses root cause, skin dysfunction and helps you start to actually love your skin more than you ever thought was possible.

The wrong game of skincare is reactionary. It lets brands and trends dictate how you care for your skin. It is driven by many things out there that seem too good to be true, including Botox. To illustrate, let’s explore some actual facts about Botox and you can see that it might actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to keep us in the same game.

  1. At its heart, it’s a toxin. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are different brands of the same neurotoxin, Botulinum toxin A, which is the same toxin that paralyzes muscles in the disease Botulism. It works by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles to stop dynamic expression lines from forming. But remember, wrinkles aren’t created by expressions, they’re created by the loss of collagen.
  2. And yes, it has health risks. While we don’t have data on long-term side effects yet (since it’s only been used since 2002), we do know of immediate drug side effects like bruising, pain, swelling, and potential nerve damage. In rare cases, needles can even cause hematomas or do permanent damage to facial muscles. Developing Botulism is very rare, but is also still a risk factor as well.
  3. It’s very temporary. Neurotoxins don’t last more than 3-4 months if you’re lucky. The body wants to flush out unfamiliar toxins, so it will do that after you get injected. To keep up results, you’ll need to get a treatment every 4 months. Oh, and did I mention they are expensive!
  4. It could lead to more treatments down the road. Since neurotoxins paralyze muscles, they are more prone to weaken and atrophy muscles. Over time, if injected enough, there is a risk of permanent muscle damage and drooping, which may require cosmetic surgery to fix.
  5. It does NOTHING for skin health and longevity.

#5 is the most important fact to share because it truly tells us what we’re spending our money on in this game. If our goal is to slow the aging process down, injections won’t do anything. They just keep us wanting more without truly fixing anything. Aging is caused by the loss of skin functionality and collagen and elastin degradation. Neurotoxins and fillers do not fix these things. The more strategic game is to address the root cause of your skin conditions and help the skin fight and slow down the aging process. And the great news is that you’re never too old to start this game.

How you can start today!

First things first, get out of the sun. Wear your sunscreen daily (365 days) and buy a couple new hats to wear outside.

Next, team up with a knowledgeable, holistic esthetician like myself that can help you learn more about your unique skin and its needs in this stage of life. Like other things in life, receiving help from experienced professionals can give you more than you could ever do yourself. We’re here to help, so lean on our knowledge! Being consistent in a targeted homecare regimen will be your biggest advantage over everyone else.

And finally, stop believing that aging is a negative thing. Sure there are wonderful things we can do to keep you looking youthful and radiant, but we must also remember that aging is a privilege and it’s just as beautiful!


About the Author

Emily Trampetti is a multi-state licensed esthetician, skincare expert and founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics. After successfully owning and running her spa in Chicago, she decided to expand virtually with her proprietary skin coaching program, which now supports clients from over 15 states, Puerto Rico and Europe. Her mission is to empower her clients to finally feel in control of their skin and reach their goals through personalized skincare, tailored education and lifetime empowerment!

Website: https://skinproperty.co/

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