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At babyboomers.com, we’re trying to be part of the solution to the way news barrages everybody constantly. We want to give you the kind of news you need to know – and eliminate the fluff, the weird, and the unreliable.

Instead of covering news that’s all over the TV and the newsfeeds – politics and teen idols -- we bring you the OTHER important stories, with real, reliable information that helps you stay up-to-date, healthy (in body, mind and spirit), and moving forward.

Instead of barraging you, we’re selective. Twice a month, we send a "First Look" with our newest stories. You can sign up here and we’ll email you two times a month. That’s all. No extra emails.

That’s where we stand on today’s important news for baby boomers. And here’s what we’ve heard from some of our visitors:

…relevant, reliable information…

With the time I have to look for information that really affects my life, my health and my lifestyle – I get more relevant, reliable information from this site than from anywhere else.”

…the sweet spot of experience and curiosity…

“So much of the news that’s out there in the world is repetitive and some of it doesn’t matter to me at all. I already know a lot about a lot of things but I’m always wanting to learn more. To me, this time of life is sort of a sweet spot of experience and curiosity. I feel like this site knows what I need to know and gives it to me.”

Thank you for these comments – and we’d like to hear more of what you want from babyboomers.com. Feel free to get in touch and suggest topics.

We’re proud of being baby boomers, the generation that always has had -- and is still having -- a major impact on our society, our economy, our environment, and our future. Stay with us and keep influencing the world.

Keep influencing the world.


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