Why Sailing Could Be a Pandemic Winner

Whilst the world is still struggling to come to terms with the global pandemic that COVID currently has us in, and lives are very different from how they were just a few short months ago, there have been companies and industries who have done rather well from the enforced sit-at-home. 

Whilst the most notable examples might be Amazon (delivering goods next-day to millions of homes), Netflix and Disney+ for bored streamers, and outdoor Pizza ovens, one of the big winners in the travel industry will be the sailing segment, who have suddenly become the best low-risk covid option, on account of the fact that you can stay in your own bubble for literally the whole week, whilst still enjoying the very best of the  sun, sea, sand and cuisine.

Many still dream of spending their retirement sailing the BVIs so lets take a closer look at sailing holidays…

Peace and Quiet

Many people are firm believers that staying away from the hustle and bustle of cities will fill their mind with peace, so they choose remote tourist destinations that are far away from the crowds to get some quality time with their loved ones. 

Something New

Instead of booking any kind of luxury resort that is located in the middle of any city, you need to go with yacht charters, which have staff who are completely dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience. Chartering a crewed yacht will allow you to do something new and it will suit you better with all your interests.

Keep it Personal

Chartering a crewed yacht will give you a personalized intimate setting which is much better compared to spending time with gigantic cruise ships. You have plenty of time and options to enjoy your quality time onboard. This is the main reason people who prefer to spend their vacation uniquely; they choose charter yachts instead of hotels or resorts.

Avoid Crowds 

Yacht charters can start and end in highly crowded cities or locations that are generally accessible by planes. However, in just a matter of hours you can be out in the wilderness, away from it all.  You can enjoy a vacation with fewer people, and get back to basics – perfect for those who actively seek a little corner of the world just for themselves.

A Whole World of Options

Exploration of new things always fills with excitement. Yachts charters give the option to explore various remote locations, even islands that are untouched by many. These islands of mountains in the seas are not only filled with new habitats but also they have some unique features that will expand your knowledge to much extent. This is the main reason for which people that have a passion to explore new things, always go for yacht charters. With these charter services, they enjoy a solid vacation plus fulfill their passion to explore exotic things.

Knowledge of Surrounding Areas 

With the help of crewed charter yacht experience, you will gain knowledge of the surrounding areas and the history of the various locations around you. In this way, it will be easier to learn the area you are visiting from your crew and they can also easily provide you the insider information about the popular stops that you want to make when you go ashore. In this way, you can easily earn vast knowledge casually just by interacting with the crew members in a relaxing atmosphere.


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