Why You Really Need a Pair of Popcorn Gimmick Sunglasses in Your Life

When it comes to novelty glasses, there are a few standards: your star, pineapple, and heart frames are some of the most common fun specs out there. You may have also seen plenty of beer steins, flamingos, or toucans, perhaps adorning those out on a hen or stag do.

However, if you want something a little more out there, whether to wear it for a party, a movie night, or a fancy dress event, then popcorn gimmick glasses could be the only option to go for!

What are Popcorn Sunglasses?

Well, they’re exactly what they say on the tin. Sunglasses that feature the shape of a container of popcorn! Typically, this takes the form of a bag of popcorn over each eye, extending above the upper part of the lens, although there are variations. Also on the market are shades featuring popcorn actually on the lenses themselves, aviator glasses with large popcorn motifs on the temple, or even sunglasses incorporating images of both popcorn and that other favorite movie snack, hotdogs!

Where Can I Get Popcorn Gimmick Sunglasses?

As this type of novelty glasses isn’t the most common, you’re probably best seeking them out online. Here, you’ll be able to find a range of retailers offering both new and used versions of the out-there eyewear. The good news is you should be able to purchase a pair for just a few dollars. You may even find popcorn sunglasses within a multipack of other novelty glasses, making for even better value.

How to DIY Popcorn Shades

And if you fancy saving even more money, why not have a go at DIYing your own popcorn gimmick glasses? This is a fun and simple craft project that’s perfect to enjoy with kids. All you need is a cheap pair of sunglasses, some craft paper and glue, and felt-tip pens.

Simply measure out two rectangles of the size you prefer, draw a circle for the lenses of the glasses in the bottom third of each, and then cut these out. Next, get creative by drawing a simple popcorn box in red and white, with the fluffy outline of fluffy yellow popcorn peeking out of the top. Once you’re done, use the craft glue to carefully attach the images to the frames of the sunglasses - and you’re good to go!

Why Do I Need Novelty Eyewear?

Keeping a small collection of novelty eyewear on hand is a great idea, meaning you’ll always be ready when you or your child get a last-minute invitation to a fancy dress party or other event calling for a costume.

Popcorn gimmick sunglasses could make up part of, for example, a red carpet, movie, or food theme or be perfect for a kids’ cinema party. Other novelty glasses that are handy to have around include flower-framed eyewear, which can form an essential element of a fairy, festival, or nature-themed outfit, and novelty goggles, to finish off many costumes, from mad scientist to steampunk.

More Unusual Novelty Eyewear

And if all the talk of popcorn gimmick sunglasses has got you wondering about the other wacky and unusual eyewear out there, you’ve got plenty to choose from. How about alien glasses, with lenses that make your eyes look like those of the classic little green men, or shades in the shapes of hands, with fingers open to allow the eyes to peep through - a little creepy, but very effective.

For bling lovers, consider an aviator frame with lenses covered in multicolored rhinestones, and fans of Minecraft could opt for a pair of ‘pixelated’ glasses that make you look as if you’ve just stepped out of the game. There are near-endless varieties of novelty glasses available - if you can think of it, it’s probably available.

Popcorn 27 Vintage Sunglasses

While they don’t actually feature any popcorn imagery, the Popcorn 27s are vintage shades made in France in the 1980s, created by the celebrated fashion designer Patrick Kelly. Round framed, with orange-tinted lenses and signature gold metal buttons on the arms, this eyewear is another level of novelty - and, as a much sought-after rarity, will set you back considerably more than a few dollars.

Popcorn Gimmick Sunglasses: The Takeaway

Hopefully, the above will have convinced you that a pair of popcorn gimmick sunglasses is great to have on hand and is a fun alternative to the usual suspects of novelty eyewear. And if you don’t fancy splashing out on a pair? Making a set yourself could be just as much fun as wearing them!


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