11 Cities with Best Healthcare for People Over 50 Years Old

By Bojana Petković

When you start looking for best places to live when you are over 50 years old or best place to grow old, we are pretty positive what you actually have in mind is your health, so here are the cities with best healthcare for seniors and people over 50 years old.

No one likes growing old, except for maybe Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. You’ve been running the rat race for years, and before you know it, you are turning 50. The middle age crisis is coming to an end, and you end up wondering: what am I to do now? It is inevitable that our bodies change over the decades, and sometimes even if our mind or soul is willing, the body is weak. Springing out of bed in the morning isn’t your thing anymore, and quick, sudden movements result in equally sudden and unpleasant pain. All in all, you’re starting to realize that for some funny reason you’re beginning to do some activities a bit slower, and here and there, children in the street start calling you “grandpa” or you hear “that old man.” You may be raising your eyebrows at first, but it is the harsh truth you’ll just have to get used to it. Slowly (as that could be the word of the day), you start searching online for best places to retire or best places to live over 60. Especially when those kids down the street start getting on your nerves a little bit.

However, now would be a time to lift your spirits! What if we told you that some of the best places to live after retirement are also the most beautiful places in the world? Perhaps you have always dreamed of going there, but you had other obligations, chores and all those little things to keep you occupied from chasing your dreams. For a great deal of time, you have been devoting your life to your children. Now that they can earn on their own, and live on their own, you can finally relax and summarize your wishes. We are offering you a list of countries and cities with the best healthcare system, and the most suitable to your needs. They are situated all over the world, so we are sure you will find something to suit your preferences. One thing they all have in common is pleasant climate. No more cold and rainy days for you! But before you take a look at how much you have saved for the rainy days or moving your life to a new city/country/continent, let us show you how we compiled our list of best places to live when you are over 50.

The first website we visited while compiling this list of cities with best healthcare for seniors and people over 50 years old was Lifehack that offered the best places to retire in the world. Of course, you probably aren’t going to retire soon if you have just turned 50, but you must admit you’ve started thinking about it. So, why not move to a city which you plan to grow old in now, and have some time to get to know it better and get used to its streets and pace of life? Once you retire, it’s going to be a shock of its own, so perhaps it’s best to get going while you don’t have to face two big changes in your life simultaneously: leaving your job and moving house. Our next step was to check how the countries from the list fared in The Patient Factor  report about the WHO’s ( World Health Organization ) list of the world’s best health systems. Should you wish to know which cities generally have the best healthcare, read our article on best medical cities in the world. Since there were two cities from the US that were highly recommendable as best cities for seniors, we opted for the one recommended by TopRetirements .

Now that we have disclosed one of the countries, let’s move on to the cities and show you cities with best healthcare for seniors and people over 50 years old.



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