6 Important Facts About Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver rings, whether in the form of classic wedding bands or gemstone cocktail rings that are more extravagant, not only go with everything but also look stunning. Capable of being molded into various designs and engraved, sterling silver is malleable, long lasting and versatile. The awesome value and neutral nature attributed to rings made of sterling silver makes them a popular choice according to elf925wholesale.com.  When looking to buy accessories, for both men and women, sterling silver is a highly sought-after metal for jewelry. There is a wide variety of wedding bands and engagement rings made from sterling silver available out there. Choose a sterling silver gift or better yet, add one to your very own collection of jewelry.

What You Need To Know About Sterling Silver Rings


The composition of sterling silver is 7.5% metal alloy and 92.5% pure silver. Even though other metals can be used, copper is one of the most commonly used metal alloys for sterling silver jewelry. While pure silver is normally too soft to be used in decorating substantial pieces of silver jewelry, it can be used on rings made of sterling silver.


Sterling silver is highly durable, even though beauty and strength are considered to be its most endearing features. An ill-suited choice for a wedding band or engagement ring, or any other ring meant to be worn on a daily basis, pure silver is too soft. However, its strength is enhanced when copper is added. To demonstrate genuineness, sterling silver rings usually come with an engraved mark. To show that a metal is sterling silver, the digits “925” are used.


To keep them from losing their shine over time, sterling silver rings can be coated with rhodium or polished. Known to give sterling silver a glossy look, rhodium is part of the larger platinum metal family.


There are numerous styles to choose from when in search of sterling silver rings. If you are in search of a romantic gift, a simple sterling silver ring with figurative letter and designs or feminine details is great for everyday use. You can even add some color to just about any outfit by rocking a sterling silver ring decorated with pearls, diamonds and gemstones. You can choose a ring decorated with a gemstone that has an alluring history or one with your birthstone to add more meaning to it. For customizable jewelry options, check out Jewlr.


The best way to keep your jewelry from getting scratched is to store your sterling silver pieces in individual compartments or in a cloth pouch. Sterling silver rings can be discolored or damaged by chlorine, ammonia and bleach. Before going for a swim in a chlorinated hot tub/swimming pool or handling common household cleaning chemicals, be sure to take off your sterling silver jewelry.


Exposure to the elements tarnishes sterling silver pieces over time. To give your ring that characteristic sterling silver luster and shine again, just polish it lightly. When cleaning sterling silver, be sure to use ammonia or bleach free silver polish designed for removing tarnishes. Similarly, to avoid scratching the ring, you should use a non-abrasive cloth designed for this specific purpose. When it comes to polishing sterling silver, microfiber cloths are a great choice.


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