7 Family Bonding Experiences To Try At Least Once

Having supportive family members is crucial to happiness at every stage of life. Strong emotional bonds are formed when family members participate in shared activities.

According to a poll by KidsHealth.org and TIME for Kids, 90 percent of children ages 8-11 report having fun with their parents. However, as your kids' age, the number decreases to 76 percent for ages 12-14.

Doing something memorable together is a great way to improve family bonds. One way to keep your older children interested in your activities is to try new things. For instance, you can spend the night camping or at the beach.

Do something out of the ordinary, such as researching your family tree, to learn more about your genetic makeup and how it may affect your health and lifestyle. Of course, if you want accurate results, you should purchase the best DNA test kit from a reputable service.

If you're looking for new ways to spend time with your loved ones, try one of the following activities.

1. Family Game Night

Having a game night as a family is a simple way to become closer. Get everyone together and play a round of Monopoly or another board game. Play board games in your jammies playing games in your living room. The Minute to Win It Games is an excellent alternative to traditional board games.

Bingo is unquestionably a family favorite. However, adding incentives like cash, candy, toys, or other rewards might make the activity more exciting for children. In addition to being a great way to spend quality time together, board games also foster connections within families. Research shows that kids who have family connections are 49 percent more likely to thrive in life than those who don't.

2. Do Family Photoshoot

Organizing a family photo shoot is the best way to bond, capture and keep family memories alive. You can keep things simple by driving your family to a fantastic location and having a photo shoot with your camera. When filming locally, use a park or playground that is already a family favorite.

You can also book a session at a nearby studio if you don't have the necessary gear. Find a photographer with experience working with children for lifestyle shoots if you want real, candid moments captured.

3. Go Camping

Nothing beats spending time in the great outdoors like a camping trip. Activities like setting camp, fishing, and sharing tales over the fire will bring the family closer together. Gather around the fire pit and share ghost stories and s'mores.

If camping in the great outdoors is not possible, you can always set up a tent in the living room and pretend to be outside for the night. The whole family sleeping in sleeping bags is a beautiful experience for children.

4. Prepare a Meal Together

Taking the time to prepare a meal together can be a great way to strengthen bonds and create memories. A pizza or some other simple dish will do just fine. To make it more exciting, have everyone make their pizza. Get the premade dough to save time, then put out a variety of bowls with toppings.

Let everyone try their hand at making their special pizza. Afterward, you should all eat together for dinner. Studies have shown that family dinners positively affect children's health, self-esteem, and academic performance.

5. Have a Family Dance Party

Gather the family together and throw a dance party. Get the whole family giggling by turning up the music and letting loose with some silly dance movements.

Children and teenagers respond well when encouraged to sing and dance. Then, make a music video with your family and record yourself dancing to capture those joyful times forever.

6. Attend a School Festival

Festivals provide an opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Students and their families can bond via shared experiences at school festivals. For example, activities held on Family Day provide families a chance to get to know one another and make lasting memories together.

School festivals often include games, music, face painting, and booths. Your entire family will be able to share in the fun and excitement.

7. Play a Guessing Game

Guessing games are a fun and interactive way for families to strengthen their bonds and communication skills. One of the most well-known games of this genre is Pictionary, in which players try to guess words by drawing pictures.

Meanwhile, in the game of Charades, one player acts out a word or phrase, one syllable at a time, while the others try to guess what they see. These games are an excellent way for the whole family to use their analytical skills and get to know one another better.

Spend Time Together

Studies have found that families who do things together as a unit have a stronger emotional connection and are more adaptable in various situations.

So even if your children are getting older, that is no reason to lessen family time. On the contrary, spending time together can benefit everyone in the family.


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