7 Fintech Product Examples for Your App Development

Fintech is clearly competing effectively with the conventional financial sector. On the one hand, it is difficult to state that fintech is an absolute substitute for them; in reality, this realm must be seen as a subset of the broader financial business. On the contrary, some of the fintech solutions are capable of completely changing it, as well as replacing some of the conventional and critical components and functions, not to mention the financial institutions themselves.

In this post, we will look at some of the top fintech applications and explain how they function and earn money so that you may choose the most lucrative and efficient business plan for your fintech firm. Because the most effective method to differentiate yourself in the market is to examine what your rivals are doing and devise a better way to do the same differently.

Excellent Fintech App Examples


Chime is a great example of fintech software development services - a universal mobile banking app. It also provides financial services, including a savings account, an investment portfolio, and a checking account. Chime's most well-known product is its debit card, which offers no monthly fees or hidden costs. The app is accessible nationally and is not restricted to a single bank like most other banking applications are.

Users can deposit checks via phone, conveniently manage spending and budgeting, pay bills using the Bill Pay function, discover local ATMs and branches using the Find Locations feature, and transfer cash between accounts at any time with the Transfer Funds feature with this fintech software.


PayPal is one of the world's most popular finance applications, and for good reason. In a few clicks, customers may make online payments, receive payments, and transfer money. PayPal also provides a variety of additional financial services, such as credit lines, debit cards, and merchant services. PayPal charges a fee for every payment transaction. You can calculate the charges using a paypal fee calculator.


Mint is one of the most exact fintech applications for gathering customer information such as accounts, credit ratings, transactions, and more. The app provides financial advice, and bill and settlement reminders, and finds trends in spending data to provide the most important ideas on how to save money. It boasts one of the most secure encryptions in the financial industry.

You can develop any fintech solution you want because developers from Alty provide custom financial software development that you can control from start to finish.


Venmo is a mobile payment software that lets you send and receive money from friends and family. It has social networking elements such as the ability to add comments and emojis to transactions, as well as a social feed to observe transactions between friends and family members, and it is simple to use. Venmo is a popular fintech app among younger users and is one of the most popular accessible today.


Initially, a broker firm's offerings and capabilities are continually developing. Their key difference from rivals is that they bypassed online platforming and went straight to a mobile app. Initially, they offered stock market alternatives, but as bitcoin grew in popularity, they introduced a cryptocurrency assets marketplace inside an app. At the present, they have expanded their service offerings to include, in addition to trading and investing opportunities, a digital wallet feature known as "Robinhood Cash Card" for its users. In other words, they have converted their stock market offering into a multipositional fintech mobile app.


N26 provides clients with a simple option to do financial transactions using their mobile phones. A user must submit their name, country of residence, and email address to create an account.

Users will also be required to submit a picture of a government-issued ID and answer three questions about their identification. Account holders and workers may also use the app to have encrypted conversations with customer support personnel that utilize end-to-end encryption.


Monobank is Ukraine's first neobank. It is one of the best fintech applications in this industry, combining key digital banking services with a user-friendly design, quick payments, simple credits, and a variety of enjoyable perks such as cashback, stickers, freebies, in-app achievements, and other gamification components (even beer).

Monobank's key characteristic is that it has no physical branches and operates entirely online. To identify russian spies during the russo-Ukrainian war, individuals often asked each other where the closest Monobank branch was, so only Ukrainians knew the proper answer - just a fun fact.


In short, you learned about seven examples of fintech development and various implementations of this. As you can see, fintech is not only mobile banking but also has a lot of useful features that make the interaction of people with finance much easier.


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